Who Remembers Saigon?


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

(Yes, properly attributed — click above.  The B&W is attributed to Dutch photojournalist Hugh Van Es)

Here we go again.

I remember it although I was just a boy.  The ignobility of our people climbing on a roof to get to a chopper and get the Hell out of there before their position was inevitably going to be overrun.

I remembered that just a few years later I was going to be expected to go to the Post Office and fill out my Selective Service registration card, even though by then the draft had ended with the war, and add to the ignobility of an incompetent, crazy government that had taken upon itself the premise of “fighting” a war it had no intention or ability to actually win.

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In the intervening decades we watched Russia try to get into Afghanistan too.  A bunch of goat-herders who were really good at disappearing into the rocks would sit and wait for a chopper to show up and stick a shell right through the front glass.  Oh sure, plenty of them died, but so did plenty of Russians.

Ultimately Russia gave up.

But not to be outdone, we’re better!  So in we go, because Taliban.  They’re just a bunch of goat-****ing inbred idiots.  Shouldn’t be hard, right?  Go over there, shoot a few of them, they’ll sue for peace, all good.

Uh huh.  How’d that work out?

Thousands of Americans have come home from the sandbox in a box.  Many more have come home with serious, life-long disabilities.  Missing limbs, sight, hearing.

Even worse are those Afghans, as was the case in Saigon, that helped Americans during the campaign.  We left thousands of those people behind in the 1970s and they were relentlessly tortured and killed.  It will happen again; the Taliban are no “nicer” than any other group when they identify suspected or proved traitors to their interests and they will do the same thing that occurred then.

We’re facing a repeat of The Fall of Saigon and Biden is hiding out away from the TV cameras — where he doesn’t have to answer questions.  It ought to be obvious why, of course; it was an indelible stain on the Gerald Ford Presidency.

As it will be on Joe Biden’s.

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