Vaccine Lobby vs the Unvaccinated: The Global COVID-19 Faultline May Now Be Unbridgeable


    by Mathew Maavak, Activist Post:

    When the global COVID-19 vaccination drive kicked off earlier this year, two distinct faultlines gradually emerged, separating the relatively monolithic pro-vaxxer camp from the more heterogeneous assemblage of fence-sitters, sceptics and outright vaccine refuseniks. The new divide reflected a larger chasm that has prevailed since the watershed event of Sept 11 2001. It was a divide between those who lapped up mainstream narratives and those who instinctively questioned them.

    Doubts over the novel coronavirus were sown from the onset by scientific data which appeared sketchy, contradictory and outright dodgy.  Big Tech’s digital pogroms against undesirable questions and expert opinions reinforced suspicions further. It was clear that earnest scientific inquiry, which thrives on vigorous debates, will not be tolerated.

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    This ironically resulted in the “free world” resorting to the likes of TikTok – a Chinese platform once targeted by the Trump administration – to post their opinions and grievances, including a litany of adverse reactions to various vaccines. Despite this, Western elites still have the gall to view themselves as champions of “free speech” even as mass protests against the New Normal roil their cities.

    The hypocritical actions of countless leaders, celebrities and “influencers” worldwide who routinely flouted the very lockdowns they had advocated inevitably hardened public scepticism. If there are different sets of norms for the ruling and the ruled, why shouldn’t there be space for divergent opinions over the coronavirus?

    The Informed Unvaccinated

    A recent MIT study revealed that coronavirus sceptics were generally better-informed and scientifically literate vis-a-vis their vaccinated counterparts. The unvaccinated cohort also appeared more “sophisticated” in the use of “datasets from official sources” as well as “state-of-the-art visualization methods” to interpret the COVID-19 conundrum.  The qualitative contrasts between the pro-vaxxer and unvaccinated camps are nicely encapsulated in this video clip.

    Mainstream tirades against vaccine holdouts – including profanity-laden epithets such as “morons” and calls to “remove them from society” – further alarmed the unvaccinated. Faced with such gratuitous hostility, vaccine refuseniks can be forgiven for regarding the growing inoculation divide as one between septic tanks and sceptic camps.

    One set is fuelled by an intractable Wokist dogma that seeks to undermine every society along its path of contagion. Information is curated by anonymous fact-checkers with little or no domain-level expertise. Obedience is demanded in its totality; otherwise every molehill will be raised to the level of a Mt. Everest through a hyper-trolled hissy fit. Trying to understand the Wokist mindset is like data-mining a bottomless sewer.

    Vaccine sceptics, as the author observed, are generally informed by caution, a spirit of inquiry and a prophylactic approach to the pandemic. They have been boosting their immune systems through a variety of means since the outbreak. The author himself spends up to 3 hours a day on jungle treks!

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    Sceptics can also quote an impressive array of experts ranging from mRNA technology pioneer Dr Robert Malone, Harvard epidemiologist Dr. Martin Kulldorff to Nobel Prize-winning virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier as well as expert testimonies before US state and federal authorities.  Big Tech and Big Media have not only censored these viewpoints, they may have also played a role in removing cheap, prophylactic drugs like hydroxychloroquine, colchicine and ivermectin from over-the-counter (OTC) pharmacy shelves worldwide. It is considered a heresy to even mention these drugs in the social media. Stricter prescription regimens meant that it was sometimes easier to procure illicit drugs.  If one follows the science of statistics, the results are as predictable as they are depressing: Drug overdoses killed 93,000 Americans in 2020, registering a 30% year-on-year increase.

    The global medical gulag ushered in by the New Normal inadvertently brought together like-minded individuals across borders, ethnic divides and language barriers, particularly via the exchange of information that were constantly supressed by Big Tech and Big Media. Examples of successful prophylactic treatment regimens (e.g. Armacao dos Buzios in Brazil) were discovered via these interactions.

    Arguments of the Unvaccinated

    There are many reasons behind rising pushbacks against an aggressive global vaccine lobby.

    To begin with, the approval process for new drugs and medical devices in the United States may take 12 and 7 years respectively while vaccine development traditionally involved a long, complex process that may span 10-15 years.  Nearly all Covid-19 injections flogged worldwide today are experimental vaccines that were developed in less than a year.  Tragic cases like thalidomide babies and the Cutter Incident continue to serve as a cautionary reminder to the unvaccinated. Negative testimonies from families and friends, or from dying patients themselves, are available on TikTok or YouTube alternatives such as BitChute and Brighteon.

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