Fauci: ‘At the Local Level You’ll Be Seeing’ Vaccine Mandates


by Pam Key, Breitbart:

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases head Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted Monday on MSNBC’s “ReidOut” that vaccines mandates were coming at the local level.

Fauci said, “It’s multifaceted reasons why people are not getting vaccinated. Certainly one of them, maybe not the predominant one, but one of them is some people are still reluctant until you get the official full approval as you are referring to, what’s going to be imminent over a reasonable period of time with Pfizer and subsequently with Moderna. The reason is that people just have that feeling that they want to get the official stamp on it.”

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He added, “However there is another thing is going to happen when you get the official approval from the FDA, the final approval, is that that is going to empower local enterprises to do mandating for the vaccine. For example, there will be universities and colleges which will say, if you want to come to class in person, you have got to show me that you are vaccinated. There will be organizations, corporations that employ large numbers of people that will be saying if you want to work at our enterprise, you have got to be vaccinated. I am certain you will be seeing a lot more of that at the local level. You are not going to see at the central mandate for the country — that’s not going to happen. At the local level, you’ll be seeing mandates.”

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