With The Indoctrination Of America’s Younger Generations To Accept Tyranny Nearly Complete, Propaganda Will Be Kicked Into Overdrive As Globalists Drive The Final Nail Into America’s Coffin


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

– If You Think You’ve Never Been Targeted By Propaganda, It Worked!

While Americans in 2021 won’t agree on much, with the country seemingly more divided than at almost any point in our lifetimes, two different things that¬†‘the masses’¬†agree upon HUGELY tell a tale that must be told, especially considering everything unfolding across America now.

As Susan Duclos had pointed out in¬†this June 28th ANP story¬†titled¬†“With The Complete Collapse Of Media Trust These Recent MSM Stories Show They Are Still Trying Hard To See How Low They Can Go With ‘Woke’ Journalism”, trust in America’s mainstream media is at a pitiful low, with the so-called¬†‘US media‘¬†ranking last in global media trust according to a new poll.

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Exactly what they deserve for pumping out utter garbage non-stop that is nothing more than Democrat party/globalist propaganda, we remind you that just over 10 years ago back in March of 2011, even then Secretary of State¬†Hillary Clinton told the Senate on Foreign Relations Committee that the United States was¬†‘losing the information war’¬†to the likes of China, Russia and the still-growing independent media.

Showing if nothing else that Democrats better get a better propaganda machine than the mainstream media because¬†‘the masses’¬†are¬†‘hungry for truth’, and they just don’t believe the lies they’re being sold by the MSM, another¬†recent poll over at Gallup points out¬†that the¬†‘approval’¬†of the Congress of the United States of America is also at a pitiful number of only 26% in June of 2021. Those numbers showing agreement once again between the people of the United States on the left and the right in their beliefs that our public servants are HUGELY failing us.

Seen in the overlapping graph/chart that we’ve embedded in the image below, that means that just over 1 out of every 4 Americans actually approve of the job OVERALL that Congress is doing, though¬†another section of that same poll showed¬†a majority of Americans were happy with the jobs THEIR OWN¬†‘Congress critters’¬†were doing.

With that section of the poll helping to explain why¬†‘critters’¬†such as Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Maxine Waters and many, many others can continue to be voted into office, over and over and over again, despite¬†being so unpopular nationwide, as we’ll explore within this ANP story, the Democrats¬†‘war upon history’¬†is being kicked into high gear with Biden in office, while the indoctrination of America’s younger generations via globalists propaganda is kicked into overdrive.

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According to¬†this new story over at RT¬†(which surprisingly hasn’t yet been¬†‘seized’¬†like numerous other websites,¬†‘acts of tyrants’¬†according to Mac Slavo in this recent SHTFPlan story),¬†by banning words like¬†‚Äėpicnic‚Äô¬†&¬†‚Äėtrigger warning‚Äô, language police are rewriting history to control the way people think.

If you hadn’t heard yet, Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts had recently¬†put out an extensive list of¬†‘words’¬†now¬†‘off limits’¬†to their students and faculty.

Claiming that words and phrases such as¬†‘trigger warning’,¬†‘picnic’,¬†‘rule of thumb’¬†and¬†‘take a shot at it’¬†were¬†‘offensive’¬†or¬†‘violent’, the¬†Daily Mail reports¬†that¬†‘liberal arts college’¬†has instead proposed that its students and faculty use phrases such as¬†‘outdoor eating’¬†instead of¬†‘picnic’,¬†‘give it a go’¬†instead of¬†‘take a shot at it’,¬†‘content note’¬†instead of¬†‘trigger warning’¬†and¬†‘general rule’¬†instead of the ever-so-violent-and-offensive¬†‘rule of thumb’.

Just the latest bit of insanity coming to us from the radical left in 2021 as they attempt to¬†‘rewrite history’, they of course continue to hide¬†the¬†‘inconvenient truth’¬†that Democrats were pro-slavery for decades and¬†‘since its founding in 1829, the Democratic Party had fought against every major civil rights initiative, and has a long history of discrimination. We’ve embedded that document titled¬†“The Inconvenient Truth About The Democratic Party”¬†at the very bottom of this story.

And we can already see what will happen when they’re successful at¬†‘turning bad into good’¬†and¬†‘good into bad’, the unfolding of what George Orwell had warned us of years ago as globalist propaganda¬† and the full-scale indoctrination of America’s younger generations continues unabated, the fulfillment of Orwell’s nightmare dystopia –¬†‘Universal Deceit’.

With nearly every major US college and university infected by¬†‘critical race theory’, which as¬†Alan Barton had reported in this ANP is nothing more than¬†‘Marxism’¬†and¬†‘institutionalized white hatred’, we’re also now watching the transformation of America’s corporations and businesses into that insane vein of thinking, perfectly seen in¬†the National Football League’s new¬†‘The NFL Is Gay’¬†promotion¬†that will ensure I’ll never watch another professional football game in my life.

And while there are still those who truly believe in their heads and hearts that propaganda has never been used against them and that they and their children have never been¬†‘indoctrinated‘ into anything,¬†Stanford University Professor Joel Stevenson recently warned he’d been called a¬†‘racist’¬†simply for standing for the American flag while another student told him¬†‘white people should be eradicated.’

Warning that Ivy League pupils had¬†‘swapped education for indoctrination’,¬†ANP was also recently contacted by a Professor Mathew Garrett out of Bakersfield, California who¬†has filed a lawsuit against top officials at the Kern Community College District in California, alleging Kern had violated their rights of free speech and academic freedom.

The latest proof that all of this censorship is¬†‘institutional’¬†and happening now all across America, what happens when the majority of America’s younger generations have been fully indoctrinated into accepting a totalitarian political philosophy, completely clueless they’re pushing for their own destruction?

As¬†Business Insider had reported back in November of 2019, a whopping 70% of America’s younger generations would have voted back then for a socialist¬†‘President’¬†for America, despite the fact that¬†‘deaths by government’¬†in HUGE numbers have historically happened under socialism/communism.

So with what’s happening now all across America more proof that an¬†‘America Divided’¬†will never stand, we’ll continue to push for that¬†‘America United’¬†which is about the only chance the American people have of getting through this mess with our country and liberty intact.

Because with the mainstream media continuing to feed Americans a crap-storm of lies while our institutions and corporations continue to push the lie¬†‘critical race theory’, all signs point to something incredibly sinister ahead if we continue to travel down the road we’re now traveling upon. And if you’re one who thinks you’ve ever been¬†‘targeted by propaganda’¬†in America, it definitely worked!¬†Each of the videos below take a look at where America is now headed under¬†‘critical race theory’¬†and¬†‘woke propaganda’.

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