Will lawlessness, debt, deficits, legalized theft (QE), and percolating insanity lead to impoverishing destabilization & tyranny?


by Dan Kurz, DK Analytics:

Will lawlessness, debt, deficits, legalized theft (QE), and percolating insanity lead to impoverishing destabilization & tyranny?
(Will we let the “kindergarten bullies” win and take down what remains of meritocracy, sustainability, and sanity?)

FYI, Joe: Florida parents cultured their children’s masks and found dangerous bacteria — the “duh” factor & the face of tyranny
FYI, Joe: kids with masks on for only 3 minutes are inhaling 6x acceptable levels of CO2

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Anti-citizenanti-national sovereignty, anti-nation state, anti-freedomanti-private property lawlessness:
(Not only privacy and “our” money and how we spend it are at stake, but our civilization!)

Since discriminatory demagogue “King Biden” assumed office, and hired a cabinet brimming with Anti-Americans, Ant-Semites, racists, “racialists,” redistributing segregationists, and indoctrinating, class warfare, “social justice,” “cancel culture” Marxists (a.k.a, domestic terrorists), a plethora of executive orders (EOs), or “royal proclamations,” typically praised and regurgitated by the sycophanticagenda-driven, false narrative “Pravda press,” have pushed aside the legislative prerogative in unprecedented terms.  Moreover, Biden’s EOs are displacing constitutionally conceived laws and statutes while Bill of Rights protections, including the first, fourth, and fifth amendments, are being targeted in truly Stalinist terms, the fabricated rationale being a new, even more grotesque “national security threat,” which not only was likely staged or enabled by a politicized FBI, but is sadly reminiscent of the Dems’ diabolical, purely political  “Russia did it” hoax.  It’s also reminiscent of the media’s shameless Lafayette Park lies parroted by Democratic bigwigs in yet another illegitimate, utterly concocted attempt to take down President Trump. (One could be forgiven for wondering whether the propaganda media truly runs America.)

That raft of Biden EOs has fortified the all-powerful administrative state (the unelected, unaccountable, frequently tenured, despotic bureaucrats working symbiotically with K Street/Corporate America and Wall Street, also known as fascism) nestled in the executive branch that carries them out, thereby sustaining and accelerating a multi-decade usurpation of the sole legislative function that Congress was given by the US Constitution under the singularly vital, tyranny-disabling, separation of powers doctrine. That same, deeply politicized, statist bureaucracy has increasingly trampled on federalismproperty right protectionssound money (to stave off cronyism and redistributionism), and, in the case of the extremely political CDC, “all of the above,” while its policy has made a mockery of its charter to “save lives and protect people” while torching its de facto “do no harm” obligations and its credibility.  To add insult to injury, the federal courts, which are supposed to be guardians of the US Constitution, continue to broadly legislate from the bench while often refusing to uphold the American Constitution from separation of powers to the last presidential election to fraudulent-free elections to sound money to federalism to citizens’ inalienable rights perspectives.

In the interim, the perennially highly political, anti-federalist, leftist, unrest-inciting, and dystopian Department of Justice (DOJ) increasingly surveils both Americans and local police while it approves police state tactics and the trashing of 4th amendment privacy rights and 5th and 14th amendment due process rights for Trump voters and high-profile Republicans, including Rudi Giuliani and former President Donald Trump.  In stark contrast, high-profile Democrats, such as Hunter Biden or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or John Kerry or lawless Joe Biden prior to his appallingly illegitimate election, never get raided by the FBI despite a treasure trove of allegations against them — which the DOJ doesn’t take up, and the media and Big Tech censor.  It is all part of a “wonderfully” successful B.R. joint venture to subvert the rule of law for those typically wielding power on the one hand, while setting them up for lucrative paydays, or even a return to power, once their “above the law” status has been assured on the other hand.

Furthermore, state and federal level courts have been de facto letting “trial by mob” injustice show its ugly head, be it in the nationally-followed Chauvin trial earlier this year, which fanned legitimate concerns that intimidation and threats influenced the jurors’ decisions, or via  increasingly overt Democratic intimidation tactics against SCOTUS justices.  Speaking of which, the court on which those justices sit that pathetically and most harmfully refused to uphold the Constitution in the last presidential election for political reasons is now targeted by the Biden administration for leftist packing, which will make the SCOTUS even more political and even less inclined to render decisions that uphold the Constitution.  Moreover, as both juries and judges/justices throughout the land increasingly fear retribution by the street mob “at their front door” — or by government mobsters such as Chuck Schumer and his ilk — should they actually issue decisions or opinions that underpin justice and (a return to) constitutional fidelity, yet threaten the advancement of either governmental tyranny or a “mobocracy” (mob rule), injustice threatens to become the norm as individual liberty, due process rights, the vaunted US Constitution, and honest and lawful elections continue to be eviscerated.


Speaking of retribution, political factions, also known as mobs (think BLM or Antifa), have increasingly acted out in a destructive and racist manner.  Shockingly, they do this in concert with the fascistic US government’s growing mob toleranceregulatory discrimination against Main Street/small businessand lawlessness as materially abetted by a) censoring Oligarchs at Big Tech and racistrioting-enablingelection integrity-undermining Corporate America kowtowing to the human rights-abusing CCP, and b) by virtually all significant institutions in the land promoting racism and bastardization of gender, very much including public school boards across the country.”  The fascistic agenda is a list of horrors, including sustained efforts to muzzle election constitutionality and integrity,  the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, the free exercise of religion, the freedom to work, the freedom to conduct business (Main Street gets shut down, and K Street and Wall Street get bailed out — and then buy up Main Street), the freedom to leave your home, the freedom to have people visit your home, and the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms — yet you can still order from Amazon with your UBI, i.e., after the kleptocrats/Coronacrats have impoverished and shut down wide swaths (over 44%) of small businesses/Main Street, in the process fattening Corporate America’s market share and profits.

Moreover, and truly chilling, there is a growing body of evidence, on the heels of the FBI-runwell-orchestrated January 6th, 2020 breaching of the Capitol,  that Trump voters have been unconstitutionally targeted, stripped of the sacred presumption of innocencestripped of due process rights, incarcerated, maligned, and grounded for being part of an “armed insurrection” by a broad spectrum of leftist politicians and by the bureaucracy (it was a non-armed, non-insurrection with cops opening the door —  the only insurrection taking place here is being undertaken by the “weaponizing” party in power abetted by an American version of the Pravda press).  That bureaucracy very much includes Biden’s DOJ and sentencing federal judges; it’s part of the same administrative state apparatus which frequently shuns constitutional fidelity while it rules the nation in an increasingly lawless, police-state manner.  And, last but not least, most of the “turbo-charged” tyranny that we’ve been witnessing over the past year or so has been undertaken in the name of “public safety,” i.e., to “protect” each of us from the Corona virus.  Rockefeller’s chilling “all we need is the right crisis and the people will accept the new world order” proclamation at a UN dinner in 1994 comes to mind.  Just ask Stan:
Meanwhile, Biden has seen to it that the increasingly functional southern border featuring stoutly reduced illegal immigration that the Trump administration bequeathed him has been turned in record time into an open border cultivating statutory lawlessnesshuman smugglinghuman sufferingsicknesspedophilia, and other forms of extreme child abuse and inhumanity — in short, into a border crisis spreading inland.  That same open border and the ensuing border crisis, which the Biden administration seeks to hide or deflect attention from, promotes and incentivizes massive third world amnesty.  It also shifts massive resources and manpower away from citizens and their towns to illegal aliens pouring in in record numbers from the south.  Moreover, it sets the stage for the continuation and acceleration of the financial and political disenfranchisement of American citizens, in the process promoting Balkanizing multiculturalism over Americanism and the needs of immigrants over how those immigrants will improve and contribute to America — which is how the American immigration policy worked with great success for immigrants and citizens alike, i.e., until the Hart Cellar Act of 1965.

The Hart Cellar Act has been the cornerstone of a political agenda to enable an illegal, immoral, anti-merit, anti-integration, anti-common language, and anti-citizen reconfiguration/expansion of the US population to include an ever larger third world immigrant aspect — a country within a country, a city within a city.  For flavor, consider that Hispanics account for a growing share of births among US-born women.   In 2018, 17% of US births were to women of Hispanic origin, up from 10% in 2000.  This growth was primarily driven by the rapid expansion of the US-born Hispanic population.  For instance, by 2018, the number of Hispanic women aged 15 to 44 residing in the US was more than double the 2000 level.  Needless to say, this population bulge was due to both sustained, outsized, and undocumented (illegal) immigration from Latin America on the one hand, and to outsized Latin American fertility rates on the other hand.

Illegal immigrants and their offspring vote Democratic about 69% of the time thanks to the expansive benefits and privileges showered on illegal third world aliens granted amnesty, especially as their US-born offspring will immediately become US citizens with full-voting rights less than a generation later.  Since the advent of the Biden Administration and it’s de facto open southern border policy, immigrants showing up at the southern border are up roughly nine-fold per month, reaching an average level of 179,000 during April and May 2021, up from 20,500 on average during the same months last year.  Not ready to leave the ongoing expansion of the Democratic base alone, the Democrats, with their HR1 Bill,  which was thankfully just blocked by Senate Republicans for the time being, are trying to capitalize on the Biden presidency and on their razor-slim legislative majority to effectively institutionalize the fraud (“providing valid ID is racist”) and “federalism abandoned” (state legislators are solely empowered by the US Constitution to determine presidential electors).  Either effort could soon make it impossible for a Republican to be elected president ever again; in tandem, it will make it impossible.  In short, while the Democrats are bent on Balkanizing America, they are simultaneously focused on turning America into into one-party (Democratic) California, which would fit nicely into the autocrats’ global government wet dream of subsuming recalcitrant America into a totally unrepresentative New World Order at long last.

Speaking of which, clearly illegitimate President Biden (does anyone really believe that a man that couldn’t get 2,000 people to attend all the election rallies held in his name won against a sitting president that had over 1.1 million fans show up, often with hardly any advance notice, some 86 different times, including in the middle of the night?), and the other despotic governmental decision makers, are working in symphony with the Davos plutocrats, Big Tech, the “mainstream” media (the “Pravda press”), and the CCP to orchestrate autocratic global government in which individual freedom and inalienable rights once again become curiosities instead of codified realities.  The fiscal, regulatory, and monetary policies that continue to be enacted underpin exactly that, effectively transforming what’s left of free market capitalism, solvency, price stability, price discovery, productivity, and economic sanity into an engineered train wreck that sets the stage for the complete rejiggering of the relationship between states and their supposed sovereigns, citizens, to the state being the sovereign, i.e., citizens obeying the state, being dependent on the state, and accepting censorship and the loss of freedom and property rights in the process.  Of course, the Democratic cheaters (liars) in office from Biden on down, who are too often underpinned by RINOs or don’t face capable Republican opposition, have to lie in order to further their toxic trajectory, because otherwise they couldn’t “sell it” to the American people, who continue to be too trusting, or too naive, or too bamboozled, or too indoctrinated, or too “bought off” — or perhaps a combination of some or all of the above, as shown by Biden’s shockingly high approval rating in light of the highly destructive demagogue’s efforts to eliminate the Electoral College, open the southern border, obliterate the difference between citizenship and non-citizenship, pack the SCOTUS, shut down affordable, 24/7 energy, and create a one-party state filled with comrades instead of a nation comprised of citizens endowed with inalienable rights.

.A toxic political trajectory is always accompanied by indoctrination, lies masquerading as the truth (statist propaganda), suppression of free speech, intimidation, unhappiness, poverty, and at times, even genocide for those that pose a threat to autocratic rule (the communists killed 100m people in the twentieth century and enslaved an estimated one billion people).  These, arguably, are the rapidly metastasizing realities that the vast majority of people face as we move ever closer to “high noon,” i.e., ever closer to permanently losing fair, honest, and constitutional elections while our individual circle liberty continues to shrink, individual property rights remain under attack, tolerance for opposing points of view continues to decline, selection based on meritocracy instead of physical differences wanes, the remaining vestiges of sanity slip through our fingers, our children are indoctrinated with hateful ideologies, and the only economic system which underpins freedom, namely free market capitalism, is lost.

The despotic, malevolent, illegitimate, and unnatural movement behind this tragic trajectory, which is attempting to take our current fascism — advanced most recently by our small business-crushing Coronacrats — to the next level can be labelled Marxist redistributionism and Marxist culture wars.   Marxist redistributionism takes statist economic control and adds out-of-the-closet property theft (either intellectual or asset-based) from non-political makers, employees, and savers to politically-connected takers and debtors, otherwise known as communist party members.  Marxist culture wars amount to an all out effort, starting in public schools, to intimidate, Balkanize, “tribalize,” and ultimately persecute wide swaths of a once broadly unified people (e.g., Trump voters), especially the most prevalent, or dominant, group.  Combined, Marxism amounts to a sinister and impoverishing economic, cultural, and racist movement that undermines tolerance, diversity, individual freedom, market-based incentives, economic vibrancy, and national unity and cohesion in America and the West at large.  It is currently being foisted by the American left, like never before, on both Republican lawmakers and a largely silent majority mainly via playing the race and equality cards, often through sheer demagoguery, and often courtesy of our leading institutions.  That is, the silent majority and elected officials against race-based “reform” (codified racism) and equality of results (versus opportunity), as dictated by an increasingly deficitary, redistributionist, and discriminatory government, are fearful of being called racists, and thus don’t stand on principle, in the process allowing themselves to be blackmailed.  This accelerates our society’s and our economy’s demise while moving us ever further away from representative government, separation of powers, limited government, sound money, federalism, and codified inalienable (individual) rights — from an erstwhile constitutional republic embracing and codifying Enlightenment Era principles to an increasingly Marxist regime.

Marxism can be broadly defined as centralized control and power.  Its manifestation is the destruction of individual initiative and the nature of man.  It is the fusion of politics and society.  It may involve a cultural revolution to pulverize the prior order.  Marxism seeks the equality of outcomes, not the equality of opportunity.  Meritocracy and competition are eliminated, as is private property.  The iron fist rules.  

As regards cultural Marxism’s toxic history, below is how a very well informed, illuminating colleague put it during a recent email exchange, which commenced when another very astute colleague forwarding me this link with the following observation: “If the races were reversed, this would be national news & breathlessly leading on cable.  But instead … virtually no one will hear about it & there will be no racial angle.”

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