SPECIAL PODCAST: Amir Adnani, Chairman and Founder of Gold Mining, Inc.


by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

As you’ve learned here at TFMR, sometimes the key to successful investing is to recognize the value in finding market inefficiencies. I think I may have discovered one in Gold Mining, Inc. so I thought it would be a good time to hear again from Amir Adnani, the founder and chairman of the company.

You’ll recall that we’ve spoken with Amir before and I have traded into and out of his company in the past…and have done so at a profit. Here’s a link if you want some background:

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But here’s where the full story gets interesting…

A few weeks back, I spoke to David Garofalo about his company Gold Royalty Corp. This company was spun out of Gold Mining a few months back and it recently acquired Ely. See this link:

Well, Gold Mining retains 20MM shares of Gold Royalty Corp…and GROY today trades at $5/share. That values Gold Mining’s stake at $100MM. But the entire market cap of Gold Mining is just $200MM. So this means that everything else that Gold Mining has…all of the resources and projects…are currently valued at under $100MM. Talk about a market inefficiency!

So now, again, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES simply take my word for this. Before making any sort of investment decision, you MUST perform all of your own personal due diligence. This includes an assessment of your risk tolerance and time horizons, too.

To that end, you can begin by researching Gold Mining’s ticker symbols of “GLDG” in the US and “GOLD” in Canada. You should also be sure to visit the company’s website. You might also review these links from their webiste:

Many thanks again to Amir for sharing this information with us. Please give this podcast a thorough listen.

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