Polls Show ‘No Confidence’, ‘Stolen Elections’: Provocations in Post-Republic America


by Joaquin Flores, Strategic Culture:

Election fraud effects all Americans, but what’s often not considered is the particularly negative impact it has on the historically disenfranchised black community, Joaquin Flores writes.

This is a critical moment in American history, where 75% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats agree that the 2020 Election was stolen from Trump, as our cited polling data below makes clear. Confidence in American institutions also continues to decline, while a new Trafalgar poll shows that Harris inspires no confidence at all among 60% of Americans.

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The July 23 and 13 Trafalgar/Convention of States poll surveyed more than 1,100 likely voters for the 2022 midterm election with a startling 64 percent of respondents expressing little confidence that Harris is ready to be president. The bulk of these, close to 60 percent, said they were “not confident at all.” Mind you, a Vice-President is elected on the basis that they would be ready to serve as president whenever conditions may come to pass where the sitting president was unable.

In a parallel universe where Democrats don’t steal elections, this would be a disconcerting poll result.

The DNC needs to be building post-Biden energy now, as they enter the mid-term election cycle. Especially so now with MAGA activists pushing on every state legislature where they can, to push back against the Dominion/Smartmatic electronic voting systems and other voting integrity matters.

An election worker checks Dominion systems in Miami-Dade County in this uncredited photo from November 2020

MAGA voters are motivated by the de facto leader of the newly reformed Republican Party, Donald Trump. They are acting against election fraud, critical race theory, open and wanton double standards from the DOJ in handling the January 6th protestors compared to the leniency given to Antifa/BLM, the movement against lockdowns with no basis in science, and more.

The DNC doesn’t have an answer. They appear to keep offering up Harris and Buttigieg. All of their gas was spent in an anti-Trump message that lacked a positive message.

Well, to the extent there was a message, promises made by Biden, most of these have been broken.

Elections – Why bother?

Post-Biden energy would, in that parallel universe, be very important for the Democrat Party considering how much organic energy the MAGA movement continues to generate. Back during the DNC convention in 2020, Joe Biden himself said he was just a placeholder, inferring that he realized he would be a one-term president if elected. The future of the party sits with Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris according to DNC insiders and their Trans-Atlantic corporate and bankers masters.

As unbelievable as that sounds, keep in mind that this is a party that only was able to come into the White House based upon what Biden himself called the most “extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization” ever assembled. Some may say this was a slip, others would retort that it was a Freudian slip.

At least 1/3rd of Americans believe that Biden occupies the White House as the result of election fraud, according to late June 2021 Monmouth University poll. Looking at the methodology, it’s possible this number is tremendously higher.

Another reason this figure is probably many times higher, is a parallel Rasmussen Poll from late November 2020 that showed that 20-30% of Democrats, yes Democrats, believed that the election was stolen from Trump.

The picture becomes clearer when we look at the YouGov poll which asked Republican voters how accurate the statements:

millions of fraudulent mail and absentee ballots were cast”, and whether; “voting machines were manipulated to add tens of thousands of votes for Joe Biden.”

Lastly YouGov asked for respondents’ responses to the statement;

thousands of votes were recorded for dead people.”

As even the liberal WaPo reportedFor each of these false statements [sic], more than 50 percent of Republican respondents said it was “very accurate”; over 75 percent of Republican voters said each one was “very accurate” or “somewhat accurate.”

This is not a matter that will go away. Many Americans historically felt that differences between Republicans and Democrats at the level of the Executive Branch were not decisive. But as times have gotten harder, Americans have look less to private enterprise and more to executive action to deliver on endemic and now multi-generational problems.

A Pro-Trump ‘Stop the Steal’ protest, in this unsourced image.

The MAGA movement is one that largely connects geopolitical and geo-economic issues of the trade imbalance with China and the outsourcing of key production to the intolerable conditions and uncertainty that prevails across the heartland. Much of America still hadn’t recovered from the 2007/2008 financial crisis, and we should note that real wages had been falling against growth for decades before.

Provocations and Hardships

It’s almost as if congress isn’t aware of this economic decline now more than forty years in the works. But we think they are, since they’re the ones who had an in depth Congressional Research Service report which highlights the fact of continued declining wage trends for the past forty years in the opening summary.

One of America’s fast growing “Tent Cities” – Nov. 10, 2017 photo, Stephanie Beasley, 36, foreground, a former resident (AP Photo/Mike Cardew/Beacon Journal/Ohio.com)/Akron Beacon Journal via AP)

It’s almost as if all of this is a provocation, intended on provoking the kind of ‘uprising of the deplorables’ that January 6th wasn’t. The open abuse of institutions, fraudulent elections, growing unemployment and uncertainty, the grotesque rising trend of medical bankruptcy, and the eventual rolling out of vaccine passports (whether governmental or de facto as a condition of employment and travel) are indeed horrific. And they would be all the more horrific if these were intentionally being orchestrated to provoke a reaction from the American people which would then be used as a pretext to double-down harder on the rising police state.

Given Biden’s state of mental deterioration, there is no possibility he is really developing policy, foreign or domestic. That’s what cabinets do anyhow, but historically there has been some notion that the ship has a captain other than the IMF, CFR and the World Economic Forum’s Nicolas Berggruen. It was he who financed John Podesta’s terroristic and secessionist war-game to oust trump, the Transition Integrity Project. There is also someone clearly telling Biden what to say through his earpiece, and his executive orders are signed in what appears to be his wife’s handwriting.

And with Pete Buttigieg showing off some decree of election theft acumen himself back in the Spring of 2020, guaranteeing a win against Bernie Sanders in the Iowa straw poll by using a crooked app made by Shadow Inc. (you can’t make this stuff up), we see a clearer picture. Biden’s role is to break every promise made, promises necessary to get those 50 or 60 million Americans who actually voted for him to turn out.

The future of the DNC relies on printing fake ballots, ballot harvesting, and media censorship if anyone tries to raise these facts. The announcement that the White House would be coordinating with Big Tech to further censor and repress Americans is most definitely a violation of the 1st Amendment, given that this is now an act of government deciding which political speech will be allowed.

And with all of that, it looks very much like the end-game here is to have a Harris and Buttigieg ticket for 2024. Having Harris and Buttigieg forced onto a majority pro-Trump America, would be a hardship and a provocation that could finally push America over the edge into disintegration.

Liars Do Their Work

Buttigieg and Harris rank very high on what the decidedly unlikable people in charge think likability looks like.

What’s more, there’s a very good chance that Biden won’t even finish his term, word on the streets is that foreign leaders and diplomatic missions have bet pools on which month in 2022 or 2023 that Biden steps down for one reason or another.

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