Operation Warp Speed Meets the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda


from State Of The Nation:

The Overwhelming Campaign to Covid Vaccinate Every Person on the Planet Put on Super Steroids by NWO Cabal

“We are all dealing with a highly organized and extremely complex criminal conspiracy of epic proportions. This genocidal scheme is both monolithic and international in scope and magnitude. The countless Covid co-conspirators includes every single major government, Fortune 10,000 corporation, global NGO, university system, scientific research institution and think tank. The end goal is to vaccinate every individual on Earth with risky experimental vaccines which have proven to be both exceedingly hazardous to human health and frequently deadly. There are very serious reasons why Operation Warp Speed is driving the global Covid Super Vaccination Agenda at this defining moment in world history.”
— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

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There’s an inexorable worldwide push to jab every resident on planet Earth—QUITE OBVIOUSLY!

Why?  Really?  Why are the criminal Covid perps so hellbent on injecting every inhabitant of this world?!

Even conservative Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now putting out transparent Covid ‘vaccine’ propaganda.

Gov. Ron DeSantis Outright Lies About Effectiveness of
Dangerous Covid ‘Vaccines’ (Video)

Remember, the great state of Florida has become the mecca for both the stalwart Health Freedom Movement and fierce Anti-Vax Movement.

What that means is that anti-vaxxers and health freedom advocates — FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY — are migrating to Florida in unprecedented numbers to avoid the coming Covid ‘vaccine’ mandates in their home blue states.

Now we see that even Florida is as precarious a state as any other in the USA.

How so?!

Watch this!

Can Florida Officials Forcefully Vaccinate Citizens? (Video)

Just how serious is this rapidly evolving situation in Florida?

Nobody really knows … … … until a declared health emergency exists that permits the FL governor to invoke his now statutory emergency powers to forcefully vaccinate every Florida resident against their will.

While it’s highly unlikely that Gov. DeSantis would exercise that illicit, unconstitutional and immoral power, which was unlawfully arrogated unto itself by the FL state government, there is no question that a future Democrat communist governor would jab every Floridian in a New York minute if given the false pretext to do so.

Now that’s a HUGE problem for the people of Florida!

It especially demonstrates:

“The Overwhelming Campaign to Covid Vaccinate
Every Person on the Planet 
Put on Super Steroids
by NWO Cabal”

KEY POINT: Many Patriots, conservatives and anti-vaxxers coming to Florida are now asking themselves whether DeSantis is being used– wittingly or unwittingly —  by the globalists as a magnet so they can be forcefully vaxxed by a future Democrat governor.

Bottom Line

But what’s the ultimate objective of this unparalleled pandemic farce and utterly ridiculous hoax?  As follows:

Here’s the main reason why the NWO
globalist cabal is dead set on mandating a
universal COVID-19 vaccination program.


There’s a treacherous conspiracy at work that involves both sides of the American political counterfeit coin.

When supposedly conservative governors join the naked traitor to the Republic like POTUS imposter Joe Biden in blaming the unvaxxed for a fake Covid surge, it’s clear that the barbarians are inside the gate.  See: Why are Republican Governors blaming the unvaccinated for the fake COVID-19 surge?!

Which means that We the People are really on our own from this point onward.  Which really means that there’s only way the American Republic can be saved.

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