Catfight At The Wi Spa Corral


by TheDarkMan, The Duran:

How much tyranny, how much gaslighting, how much absurdity are the people of the so-called Free World prepared to take?

They’re told they’re bigots if they oppose uncontrolled immigration. They’re told they’re bigots if they object to their offspring being brainwashed by Marxism and critical race theory in the classroom. They’re told they are bigots if they are anything less than enthusiastic about homosexuality, or because they believe they should be able to follow the religion of their choice. For the most part, they’ve taken all this lying down, but now the lunatics of progressivism, of postmodernism, or whatever name this garbage goes by now, the lunatics have taken one liberty too many, and women, yes, women, are finally fighting back.


Take a look at the dude in this photograph, the one at the very front with the moustache and tattooed arms. This is a man, right? Not so, says this man. Last month, he entered the female only section of the Wi Spa in Los Angeles. He walked in naked, amidst women, and apparently at least one underage girl, and the spa had no problem with it, because, you see, he identified as “a transgender person”.

One client objected vociferously, a strong black woman – a real strong, black woman, not a presstitute like Joy Reid. And sparks flew. The incident didn’t end there, there was an organised protest, and would you believe it, among the counter-protesters were Antifa? That’s right, you too can fight fascism by showing solidarity with a dude who exposes himself to women and young girls in a spa.

When CBS Lost Angeles reported on the demonstrations, they alluded to the dude with a moustache as a transgender woman. No, a man who self-identifies as a woman isn’t a woman anymore than an ordinary person who self-identifies as a police officer actually becomes one. The big difference is that an ordinary person who self-identifies as a police officer will be arrested. Now there’s a thought!

Finally this absurd trans movement is receiving some meaningful pushback. On Monday night, the most banned woman in Britain interviewed one of the Wi Spa protesters on her YouTube channel. Admittedly, Belissa Cohen’s tattooed arms are a tad unsightly on a woman, but they are on a woman. Other YouTubers are now involved in heated discussions over this incident, and although many have chosen the wrong narrative – men violating women’s spaces – it is safe to say that the so-called LGBT movement will never be the same again. Many have already dropped the T.

This doesn’t mean of course that there is no such animal as a trans woman, or man. There is a very small number of people of both sexes who are sexually confused, for whatever reason. There are also some people who are born with both sets of sex organs, or more often with some lesser defect – women born with undescended testes, for example. These people should not be ostracised in any way, and should be allowed to get on with their lives as best they can. But what we are currently witnessing is insane; we have seen sex offenders identifying as women, then being sent to women’s prisons, where they suddenly become predatory males again. We have seen mentally disturbed people causing havoc. And, worst of all by far, we have seen young boys and young girls being “transitioned” – boys being castrated, and girls having their breasts cut off – because…

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