BREAKING REPORT…Human Events Sr. Editor: “White House knew about the Tucker ‘confrontation’”…”entire set-up was planned out in advance, per WH official”


by Patty McMurray, The Gateway Pundit:

100 Percent Fed Up – Last week, while shopping in a Montana bait shop, top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who recently revealed that the NSA was spying upon him, was confronted by a man named Dan Bailey.

The left was absolutely giddy over the confrontation.


The far-left Slate was so excited, they named Dan Bailey, a “local fly fishing guide,” as the person who confronted Tucker.

Dan Bailey posted a video of himself confronting Carlson on his Instagram account where he wrote: t’s not everyday you get to tell someone they are the worst person in the world and really mean it! What an asshole! This man has killed more people with vaccine misinformation; he has supported extreme racism, he is a fascist and does more to rip this country apart than anyone that calls themselves an American. #fucktuckercarlson#stayoutofmontana#democracywillprevail #trumplost@podsaveamerica In his post, he tagged several far-left activists/news personalities: @hacksontap@maddowshow @mollyjongfast @lpontheleft @kascellen

So, who is Dan Bailey, and was it an accident that he just happened to run into Tucker Carlson at the bait shop?

According to citizen journalist “X-MANFREN,” Mr. Bailey is a “river ecologist working on the Asia Foundations “Securing our Future” project, where he worked in Mongolia with Mongolian and American scientists as part of his master’s degree from the University of Montana.

X-MANFREN shared a screenshot of a memo from the CIA that reveals the Asia Foundation is part of the CIA.

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