by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

It amazes me that so few people connect the planscamdemic to high financial shenanigans, and the somewhat panicked reaction of Mr. Globaloney to cover his financial tracks by diverting attention to a basic non-event (covid) that has been exploded to be a “crisis” similar to the bubonic and black plagues (which it isn’t), and the rush to get everyone quackcinated. But then, every now and then, there’s some sanity injected into the mix, and that’s what this lengthy article shared by E.G. and V.T. states.  It’s quite a tall and longer drink of water, but it rewards close reading, and there’s a few paragraphs that positively leap from the page:

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Connecting the Dots: The Making of a Gold Heist, Part 1

Now before we get to those paragraphs that leapt out at me, let me recall, once again and for those unfamiliar with my hypothesis of a “hidden system of finance” with hidden bond markets and so on. Essentially, my thesis – argued in several books and conferences over the years – is this: (1) at the close of World War Two the deep state apparatus of the USA was confronted by a three-fold massive strategic problem posed by (a) the Communist bloc, (b) surviving elements of what I have called the Nazi or Fascist International, and (c) the UFO. (2) A decision was taken that of all these potential threats, the last one, the UFO, represented the greatest long-term threat, and that in order to meet that threat along with the other two, a massive secret research program had to be adopted to create technologies that could at least emulate UFO performance characteristics. This would require an enormous commitment of funds and financing over several decades, and it was simply impossible to raise the funds needed simply through increased taxation. After all, the world had just been through a devastating world war, and things needed to be rebuilt at precisely the same time that these strategic problems emerged.

The decision was therefore taken to (2) secretly recover looted bullion that the Imperial Japanese had taken from Asia, the so-called “Yamashita’s Gold.” President Truman took this decision to use this gold and other bullion as a secret slush fund to support this effort, turning over this fund to the National Security Council, and thus (3) putting the US intelligence community into the banking business. But (4) this also required the participation of major prime banks in the Western banking system. This recovery effort meant that (5) this recovered bullion was kept off the books, and thus became a secret reserve allowing banks to re-hypothecate those assets over and over again to create massive liquidity and a financing source.

Or to put it country simple: the system relied on fraud from the get-go, and as a result of that re-hypothecation, paper derivatives began to vastly exceed the actual physical deliverable bullion by orders of magnitude (and additionally, the actual amounts of physical bullion themselves were badly obfuscated, but probably exceeded publicly stated amounts of physical bullion, perhaps by an order of magnitude.

So in other words, where I part company with the analysis given in this article is not so much the how, but the why and more importantly, the when this whole system began: it began much earlier than the 2008 financial meltdown, and had been in place for decades.

With that in mind, consider the following paragraph:

Now if we travel back in time just a little bit to the start of the global economic lockdowns, inspired by the spread of coronavirus, you will note that I was already starting to connect all the dots of these seemingly unrelated financial events that I’ve thus far discussed in this article, as I released a podcast just two weeks after my warnings about a growing violent divergence in paper versus physical gold and silver prices about how the then just beginning global economic lockdowns had very little to do with protecting the health of billions of citizens, but was based upon enormous under the surface threats to hundreds of trillions of nominal amounts of global interest-rate derivative products that were threatened with complete meltdown by the threat of rising interest rates in the global economy. (Boldface emphasis added)

And this is where the fraud in this postwar hidden system begins to “spill over” and spread into the overt system:

If you don’t understand why perpetual banker narratives that nominal amounts of derivative financial markets are not “real” and that the only risks lie in the face value of these contracts are false, let me quickly explain. Let’s assume a company purchases a derivative product from a bank for a face value of $1M that guarantees the repayment of a $100M loan from a company with a AAA rating of its corporate issued debt. On the surface, this seems like a good arrangement for everyone. The company that lends $100M pays a $1M expense as the cost of doing business to guarantee repayment of a loan 100Xs the size of the insurance it purchase. The banker is willing to take the risk of being on the hook for $100M because the company the banker is guaranteeing repayment of its borrowing is rated AAA and the banker asses the risk is being close to zero.

However, if the company was lying about its financials, which really is not rare these days and actually happened with regularity during the 2008 global financial crisis during which Moodys and Standard and Poors handed out AAA ratings, like candy, to companies that really deserved junk bond ratings, then the risk of this $1M derivative contract is likely to be multiples higher than the banker assessment. If the company, because of their fraud, goes bankrupt after only repaying $2M of the $100M loan, guess who has to step in to repay the remaining unpaid $98M? The bank that entered into the liability side of this derivative product contract. And therefore the risk of this contract becomes $98M, much higher than the cost of the contract. Consequently, I don’t know if the entirety of the hundreds of trillions of nominal amounts of interest rate derivative contracts were bets on continued near zero interest rates, but let’s just say real global economic growth, economic recovery and higher interest rates on March 2020 presented an enormous problem to the global banking cartel that had tied their wealth to ZIRP.

Though I’m engaging in speculation now, if you want to know how to crush the massive problem of rising interest rates induced by recovering economies that the global banking cartel faced in March of 2020 that threatened to crush the wealth of global bankers, it was coincidentally exactly what has happened throughout the world since that time frame – Fear monger to the point where you foment enough hysteria in the masses to create acquiescence and blind obedience to brutal lockdowns of the world economy highly inconsistent with the level of threat posed by a virus, subsequently destroy the global economy and in the process, destroy the threat of rising interest rates until the banker-placed bets on hundreds of trillions of dollars on forever low interest rates reach maturity and disappear. This speculation was the very basis behind my “Bitcoin to Soar in 2021” video I released in November 2020 as well as the basis for my “I Can’t Wait for This Year to Be Over!” video released a month prior in October 2020 in which I labeled every single person injected with hopium for a free society as of January 2021 as completely delusional.  (Boldface emphasis added)

And there you have it: it’s still all those derivatives sloshing around in the system that are causing the mess. But more importantly, please note that there is no attempt in this analysis to understand the nature of those post-war decisions, and that paper-finance has exploded beyond the physical assets as a result of that hidden system. Having mentioned derivatives, the author makes no mention of the estimated size of all those derivatives…

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