Zuckerberg Group Funnels Six-Figures To Wuhan Lab Partner, Gain-Of-Function Advocate.


    by Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters, The National Pulse:

    The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative – the funding group behind much of the unlawful election changes of 2020 – gave nearly half a million dollars to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The university counts Wuhan lab collaborator and gain-of-function proponent Dr. Ralph Baric as a lead researcher.

    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) Professor – who has also attended conferences at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and is described by the lab’s “bat woman” as her “longtime collaborator” – received the grant from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropic group in July 2020.

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    “The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) recently awarded a $433,000 grant to UNC for laboratory equipment that will accelerate research to address the COVID-19 pandemic,” a press release notes. “This grant represents a new collaboration between the West Coast philanthropic organization CZI and UNC in search of a global solution to the pandemic,” a summary adds before detailing how the grant was used:

    The grant covers the purchase of a “liquid handler” — a robotic arm that can pipette fluids much more quickly and accurately than humans can — and supporting instruments, including another robot that detects active virus particles in samples and a machine to sequence RNA. Together, these tools increase the rate of testing compounds by 20-fold.

    The grant allegedly helped produce a study – currently awaiting peer review – entitled SARS-CoV-2 infectious virus, viral RNA in nasopharyngeal swabs, and serostatus of symptomatic COVID-19 outpatients in the United States.

    “Here, we provide a comprehensive analysis of demographic, immunologic, virologic, and clinical disease factors associated with infectious virus isolation and levels of viral RNA in nasopharyngeal swab samples in the largest study of symptomatic outpatient adults with COVID-19 to date,” the summary notes.

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    A slide from a Baric presentation on the matter also listed support from Gilead Sciences, the National Institutes for Health, and Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.

    Dr. Fauci recently attempted to cover-up his relationship with Zuckerberg by telling MSNBC host Chuck Todd he had “no idea” what Senator Marsha Blackburn was getting at when discussing the pair’s leaked e-mails.


    The Baric Lab study says it aimed to gain a “deeper understanding” of COVID-19 in order to “accurately identify and quarantine contagious individuals”

    “A deeper understanding of the viral and host factors associated with infectious virus detection is essential to accurately identify and quarantine contagious individuals. Several studies have reported associations between SARS-CoV-2 virus isolation and viral RNA levels or time from symptom onset. However, little is known about which host factors (i.e. demographics, comorbidities, SARS-CoV-2 seropositivity, symptomatology etc.) are associated with infectious virus detection.”

    The financial ties between Baric and the Facebook-linked charity follow the social media platform heavily censoring users and stories that promoted theories that COVID-19’s origins could be traced to a Wuhan lab.

    Facebook contracts with the exclusively Democrat-run “Lead Stories” group, staffed mostly by CNN flunk-outs, in order to censor inconvenient information. Lead Stories is also contracted by TikTok, in turn owned by ByteDance, a firm used by the Chinese Communist Party and its People’s Liberation Army to further communist propaganda.

    Dr. Baric – who has defended controversial gain-of-function research as a “crucial tool” – was an early proponent of the Facebook-approved theory that COVID-19 originated through his involvement with a Lancet journal statement prematurely asserting the virus had natural origins.

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