What Sort of Degenerate Is Biden?


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Inviting attacks on the United States by a President is grounds for immediate removal from office and perhaps even charges of actual Treason.

President Biden’s list of 16 key infrastructure entities that are “off-limits” to Russian cyberattacks has effectively given the Russians a green light to target everything not on that list without facing serious repercussions, national security experts and senior Republicans tell Fox News.


We define 16 specific entities that are “off limits”?  Since when is the rest of the United States explicitly defined as open to attack whether by physical or electronic means?

Never mind the identification of 16 critical items should, for example, China wish to take a crack at critically disrupting the United States!

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Then, of course, there’s another question nobody wants to bring forward: Are you sure it’s not the Felonious Bastard Instigators who are actually responsible, given that we now appear to have evidence they were actively involved (not mere “bystanders”) in the January 6th fiasco?

It’s not like the Felonious Bastard Instigators haven’t previously done things like this, right?  Oh wait — they have.  Repeatedly.  Yet these very same folks were incapable of paying attention to the direct information provided by a Florida flight simulator owner who, as a former military member, called them prior to 9/11 and told them that Saudis were showing up with wads of cash and buying simulator time but didn’t want to know how to land the plane, a rather important part of actually learning to fly one for, oh, any purpose other than using it as a bomb!

He was ignored yet if he had not been 9/11 would have never happened at all.

Do I believe the incessant Russia-Russia-Russia nonsense?  Nope.  Why not?  Because Putin has little or no reason to do it, that’s why.  Now Xi, on the other hand, has plenty of reason to do it and probably has and is.  I would not doubt for one second that China is responsible for all of this.  Never mind that it wouldn’t surprise me if China had hacked into Russian internet infrastructure and was using it as a foil.

I’ve been monitoring the source of these sorts of incidents for roughly two decades now and while the concentration indeed used to come from Russia, specifically some of the Russian satellite “nations” and regions, over the last decade or so nearly all of it sources out of China, with most of that coming from places that are directly linked to the PLA in one form or another, such as their “university” systems.

Is this is a US President speaking or someone either through intentional act or mental incompetence undermining the United States for the direct benefit of those — specifically China, much more than Russia, who have a stated intent of destruction of the United States?

When do we start treating China as the enemy that it is?

Will that be before or after our civil society collapses?

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