The Most Terrifying Media Statement Ever: ‘The Biden Administration Is On The Case’ – Shortages Cripple Certain Industries And Food Is Getting More Expensive Than Families Can Afford


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Media gurus continue to insist the recent reporting of a 5%  inflation spike is because of the pandemic, when in reality there are a number of factors from weather events to supply chain issues, and are also pushing the claim that it should balance itself our in “the near future.”

Then again, the media first denied the pandemic as Independent Media warned what was coming, and called us “conspiracy theorists.”

The media then insisted there would be no food or other shortages and when signs started popping up in grocery stores showing “limit purchase to (insert number here), the media reported it months after Independent Media warned it was coming, and the MSM also acted like they were reporting “current news.”


The point here, is the media claims and assurances, mean absolutely nothing, as they are one of the top reasons their audience needed to panic shop in the first place because they were woefully unprepared, which in turn caused a run on toilet paper, other paper products, cleaning supplies and foods, especially meats.


Stefan Stanford recent covered the drought conditions and the need to have a reliable water system or filtering system, so we will skip to shortages other than food first.

The US economic recovery is well on its way, but it hasn’t been without its hurdles. Among the direst are supply-chain bottlenecks fueling shortages across a range of products. Inadequate supply of lumber has crippled the housing market and led prices to skyrocket. A lack of semiconductor chips is slowing activity in the automotive and tech sectors. And the medicine industry remains hobbled by a shortage of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Apparently there is also a battery shortage.

The most terrifying thing written in the article I just quoted was the following statement:

The Biden administration is on the case.

God help us all.

This is the same regime that has retracted the Trump era insulin, epipen discounts, causing the prices to spike on the most vulnerable of citizens, according to Fox Business.

So, no thank you to trusting that Biden is on the case. That is more likely to make things worse, not better.

While we often try to provide alternatives to the physical stores that are limited in the options, seeing spiked prices, product shrinkages for the same cost to hide other inflation and price spikes, and we will provide some of those items below, we also see shortages in areas which ordering online is simply not a convenient or viable option.

Gas, lumber, labor, computer chips, cars, ….etc…. are simply not something we can offer comparable offers on or links to.

Amazon does still have appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, in stock, as well as batteries.



Needless to say those same drought conditions Stefan wrote about will also continue to affect the food shortages.

Recently we received some updates on prices and lack of supply, as well as how the stores are trying to “hide” the problem.

It was around 11:30 AM my time and the shelves were literally bare.

Yes, they tried to make the store look full—

Here are the areas of apparent shortages that I noticed.

1—canned chicken.

2. they had the single serve spam packets – I always try to get them when they have them — used to be literally $1.00 a pack now today they were $1.98. a pack!

3. candy—you would have thought it was Halloween or something—hardly any chocolate candy bars!

4. good luck finding M&Ms

5. very little deli meat.

6. more and more, I noticed them moving items from other areas to bare areas so that there were no glaring vast areas of empty shelves.

7. red meat looked good was able to some quality prime rib hamburger patties 4 of them for 7.92. Got a top sirloin steak at 12.85 a pound.

Stopped off at the Food Lion grocery store they have a buffet type thing where you can get chicken wings of various cooked flavors and tater tots and mozzarella sticks—last month it was 6.99 a pound today it was 7.99 a pound—I passed as that was a 14.3% price increase.

That email ended with the following statement: “So between the sparse shelves and higher prices—by fall we should all be really screaming Uncle, as we used to say when we were kids!”

Individual states, cities and stores have different areas of concern, but we can learn the lessons from last year in understanding when some areas start seeing specific shortages, many other places follow.

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