The First Physical Gold ATM Opens in Prague, Czech Republic


by Peter Spina, Gold Seek:

The first physical Gold bullion ATM in the Czech Republic has been launched in the center of Prague with the company looking to add more in the near future.

Just a few kilometers from our Prague GoldSeek office, the ATM has been installed at the main entrance, next to the other cash ATMs, as you enter one of the main malls in the city center (New Smichov Shopping Center).



Upon hearing of the gold ATM’s unveiling this morning in the Czech news, I had an extremely rare burst of excitement to go to a shopping mall and test it out and as confirmed by the company, Gold.Plus, I was their first client.

The machine offers three options but only two were in stock.  A 1-gram gold bar, a 10-gram Argor Heraeus gold bar and a 1-troy ounce  bar.


The machine accepts cash only, Euros or Czech Krowns and you are not required to register your purchase with an ID or registering a phone number. But there is a limit for anonymous purchase. 250,000 CZK or 10,000 Euros. Similar to laws in the USA ($10,000).

The prices were very competitive to the 10 gram gold bars at other major Prague gold stores (10 grams for 14,300 CZK or 563 Euros).

Buying was fast and simple. You select which gold bar you want, then feed the machine bank notes and hit purchase.

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