MORE CALIFORNIA BLACKOUTS?? Wind Power Fails As Temperatures Surge


by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

With more warnings of electricity blackouts in California as temperatures surge, authorities conveniently omit the huge decline in wind power over the past week.  The media seems to be focused more on the drought and problems associated with hydro-power generation than the failure of Green Wind Power.

According to the CNN article, A California reservoir is expected to fall so low that a hydro-power plant will shut down for first time, low water tables are putting a real KABOSH on hydro-power generation.  While this is most certainly true, I haven’t found any news sources reporting on the HUGE DROP in California’s wind power.


If we look at the following chart from the EIA – U.S. Energy Information Agency, we can clearly see that if it weren’t for Natural Gas electric generation, California would be in a world of hurt.

On June 10th, wind power accounted for 22% of the California CISO Grid power generation, while Natural Gas (Natgas) accounted for 27%.  Now, compare that to wind collapsing to just 6% of total power generation on June 17th while Natgas surged 62%.  Here are the actual figures for Wind & Natgas power generation for these two days:

  • June 10th Wind Power = 87,853 MWh
  • June 10th Natgas Power = 109,623 MWh
  • June 17th Wind Power = 35,992 MWh
  • June 17th Natgas Power = 399,699 MWh

From June 10th to June 17th, Wind Power in California fell nearly 60%, while Natgas power surged by 265%.  Now, think about this.  What happens when California doubles or triples its Wind Power generation when another heatwave hits the state in the future??  This is the problem with scaling up Wind and Solar Power.  You can get away with adding 5-10% of wind and solar to the grid, but when adding 25-50%… don’t be surprised when BROWN & BLACKOUTS become the norm.

Green Energy Fails In Texas In Both Winter & Summer

If we thought California was dealing with power issues, you can add Texas to that list.  Due to high temperatures, wind power generation in Texas has also dropped like a rock.  According to the Texas ERCOT Grid, wind power generation fell to a low of just 4% on June 15th compared to 39% on May 23rd.

The two power sources that are the most volatile in the chart above are Wind and Natgas.  Nuclear, Coal, and Solar remain about the same… more or less.  However, at night, solar power goes to ZERO.  If it weren’t for the huge increase in Natgas power generation, Texans would be in a WORLD OF HURT.  Here are the actual power figures for these two periods:

  • May 23rd Wind Power = 374,359 MWh
  • May 23rd Natgas Power = 241,698 MWh
  • June 15th Wind Power = 58,513 MWh
  • June 15th Natgas Power = 811,741 MWh

From May 23rd to June 15th, Texas wind power plummeted 84%, while Natgas power surged 236%.  Do we see a trend here between California and Texas?  During two peaks and valleys of wind power in California and Texas, Natgas power came to the rescue by increasing 265% and 236% respectively.

Furthermore, we can’t forget about the huge problem when the wind power failed during the massive Freeze this past winter as Natgas came to the rescue again, before failing with everything else.   Natgas generation during the Texas freeze increased to 61% of total power generation before it failed…. moderately.

Again, what happens when the United States ramps up total Wind & Solar power from 12% of the total electric grid supply in 2020 to 29% by 2030??  And, what if U.S. shale gas production declines significantly by 2030?  How will we offset this huge INTERMITTENCY issue of Green Energy?

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