Michigan Plaintiff William Bailey Files a Motion For Reconsideration Following New Evidence of Antrim County Ballot Fraud


from The Conservative Treehouse:

Michigan attorney Matthew DePerno, on behalf of plaintiff William Bailey, files a motion [pdf available here] with Judge Kevin Eslenheimer for reconsideration of prior rulings given the nature of new evidence discovered by the legal team in Antrim County.

The 42-page brief contains new findings within the data forensics of the county.  Two larger items include the remote log-on of the system by someone anonymous who was not at the election office.  The implication is that the system was connected to the internet; and the user did not have to enter identifying credentials for their entries.

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The second larger item is the identification of modifications, specific irregularities, of the ballots outer markings that led to a rejection of the ballots and the need for adjudication.  [Full pdf is here]


PDF embedded below:

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