Media Flipping 180° On UFOs At Pentagon’s Directive Says More About Media Than UFOs


by Caitlin Johnstone, Caitlin Johnstone:

After the January 6 riot at the US Capitol Building, the mass media immediately seized the opportunity to call for more internet censorship to prevent the spread of crazy conspiracy theories. Now the mass media are saying the US military has been lying about UFOs for decades and hey, maybe space aliens are flying around above your house.

Half of the UFO articles coming out of the mass media these days are basically just stalwart propagandists for the western empire explaining to each other that it’s okay to talk about UFOs now and they should all feel perfectly fine and normal about that.


These unprincipled propagandists are falling all over themselves to dismantle taboos which they’ve been unquestioningly upholding and enforcing for decades, really for no other reason than because they were told to by the US military.

Can we take a minute to ingest how obnoxious that is? The “free press”, the journalistic institutions who are purportedly responsible for maintaining a well-informed public and holding the power to account, are now reporting something they used to scoff at and dismiss, because the US military told them it’s legitimate.

The US military. The single most dangerous part of the single most powerful government on earth, who the press is meant to be holding accountable with the light of truth. The part of the US government where intense skepticism is the most important. They’re not just failing to apply critical journalism, but are actively picking up the torch and running with a story as bizarre as the possibility that extraterrestrials are buzzing around the earth’s atmosphere.

The fact that the mass media are now talking about UFOs all the time because the US military told them it’s a legitimate story to cover says very little about UFOs, but it says a lot about the mass media.

These outlets are propaganda firms. Clearly. When The New York Times first reported that US officials familiar with the government UFO report say that UFOs might be alien aircraft or could be secret Russian or Chinese technology, but say it’s definitely not any kind of secret US technology, there was not a shred of incredulity from the mass media about the latter claim. News media institutions all took great pains to inform their audiences that UFOs could be a sign that the US is losing the arms race to Russia and China, and that it could totally be space aliens, but I never saw one news report reminding readers to take US government denials of possession of secret aerial technology with a very large grain of salt.

These propaganda institutions aren’t just selling the public one irresponsible story here, they’re selling them two. They’re not just uncritically reporting that UFOs are definitely real and probably threatening, they’re also tacitly selling the false idea that the US war machine does not have an extremely well-documented history of lying.

The more I learn about this new UFO narrative and its origins the more of a freaky psyop it looks like. It’s clearly been packaged for and marketed to mainstream Americans who don’t understand global power dynamics or the depravity of the US military/intelligence machine. There’s basically just a handful of people who are officially responsible for this weird new mainstream UFO plotline, and they’re all either military/intelligence insiders, sleazy warmongering politicians, or the singer from Blink-182.

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