Leftists’ Lockdown Love Affair: Are Climate Lockdowns Next?


by Selwyn Duke, The New American:

In late February, globalist group World Economic Forum posted a tweet with an embedded video proclaiming, incredibly, that “lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world.”

“Earth’s seismic noise has been the lowest in decades due to lockdowns,” the organization enthusiastically explained. “Scientists saw a ‘wave of quiet’ around the world in 2020. Ambient noise fell in some cities 50%, as fewer people used transport and factories closed.” My, wouldn’t it be wonderful, then, if we could just make lockdowns a recurring phenomenon?

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This quip may not be a joke to some people, warned Fox News host Tucker Carlson Tuesday. For World Economic Forum passions may be more widespread than we think. In fact, asserted the commentator, according “to Joe Biden … we could get another round of lockdowns” — to combat the boogeyman of climate change.

Carlson then played a December 2020 video clip of Biden saying, “Today, I’m pleased to announce a team that will lead my administration’s ambitious plan to address the existential threat of our time, climate change.”

“Folks, we’re in a crisis just like we need to be a unified nation in response to COVID-19, we need a unified national response to climate change, and from this crisis, from these crises, I should say, we need to seize the opportunity to build back and build back better than we were before,” Biden continued.

“A unified national response. It’s involuntary, that’s the one thing we know,” Carlson then opined. “What does it mean? Well, we’re learning that a World Health Organization staffer has written a report saying that a climate lockdown could be called for, just like a COVID lockdown, a climate lockdown,” he then stated, buttressing his thesis.

Carlson’s guest that night was Climate Depot founder Marc Morano. Expanding on Carlson’s warning, Morano proceeded to say:

Well, you know, in my book Green Fraud I detail two chapters on this, Tucker. This is — the climate activists were first of all jealous when the COVID lockdowns happened. They were beside themselves saying “How is this happening?” Everyone from Greta Thunberg to John Kerry, U.N. officials, and then they started saying, “We need to follow this.”

If we can shut down for a virus, we can shut down for climate, and that’s what we’re seeing. There’s even academics in Australia proposing adding climate change to death certificates, and Bill Gates has said the death toll will be greater.

So, they’re following every step of the way, and it’s not just, you know, a professor here or someone in academia; we have a major U.K. report coming out. We have an international agency report that came out calling for essentially the same type of lockdowns, everything from restrictions on your thermostat to restrictions of moving. You know, you can only fly in a climate emergency when it’s quote, “morally justifiable.” You know, kind of like a lockdown, you have to justify going to the store for essential services.

Moreover, Morano later stated that “Chuck Schumer is urging Biden to declare a national climate emergency; just like a blue state governor, he could have emergency powers” (video below).

Some leftists have called this a conspiracy theory, and it may sound fanciful. But if you’d told people in the 1950s that third-millennium pseudo-elites would insist a boy could become a girl just by willing it — and that those dissenting from this unscientific dogma would face career and reputational destruction — they would’ve measured you up for a straitjacket. They would’ve also considered fanciful the notion that we’d, again indulging scientific obscurantism, lockdown, mask, and vaccinate children (with a not-fully-tested drug) over a disease that doesn’t imperil them.

Make no mistake, either, the climate-change agenda and its prescriptions are as divorced from science and reality as are Big COVID and Big Gender. In fact, a former Department of Energy undersecretary in the Obama administration, theoretical physicist Steven Koonin, recently joined Carlson to expound upon this very point (video below).

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