Dr. Fauci’s Preposterous Lie “Attacks on Me are Attacks on Science”


by Mish Shedlock, The Street:

In a ridiculous attempt to defend himself, Dr. Fauci tells his biggest lie yet.

Dr. Fauci attempts to defend himself on MSNBC. And MSNBC is seemingly pleased to cooperate to spread even more Fauci lies.

I picked up this story from a Greenwald Tweet.

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Painfully Ridiculous Lie

What’s “painfully ridiculous” is Fauci’s claim, “Attacks on Me are Attacks on Science”.

Fauci is a proven liar. He has even admitted that fact. It matters not that he he lied (allegedly to preserve masks for healthcare workers).

What About Faucigate?

The Left and the Right portray a freedom of information lawsuit email chain involving Fauci as some sort of proof of Wuhan Lab theories and mask effectiveness.

Rand Paul Tweets

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