With Covid Losing Its Grip Over America, the Next Deadly False Flag Is Almost Upon Us


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The next false flag event is beginning to show itself. With covid losing its grip on most of America, it is time to introduce a deadly kill shot and the picture is beginning to crystalize.

Before this article reveals what is next, it is time to first take stock of where we are at and how we got here. Why? Because what lies ahead very likely contains the kill shot, both literally and figuratively, and forewarned is forearmed. Rest assured, the globalists fully plan to have the nation totally subjugated by this September (2021).

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Phony Numbers Connected to the Outbreak

From March of 2020 through the summer, I screamed at the top of my lungs about the fake numbers of covid cases and deaths. Fraud was incentivized as the government paid local health authorities both for diagnosing covid and subsequently assigning covid causes of death. When one is holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail and that is a good analogy for the phony covid numbers reported to the public. Why would the medical establishment that controls, the FDA, CDC and NIH engage in such fraudulent practices? Because their benefactors, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, the related Vaccine industry, those globalists desiring depopulation, et al., conspired to greatly exaggerate the threat. Of course, elderly persons with pre-morbid conditions were at risk for succumbing to covid, the stories of fraud in exchange for federal reimbursement are legendary. And when one dared report the truth, as was the case with the so-called Frontline Doctors as was the case with the subsequent exposure fraudulent medical practices, all dissent, no matter how credible the source was silenced  by the MSM and Big Tech and the whistleblowers were fired.

Even the early covid tests were invalid on their face. Why? Because as acting the Commissioner of the FDA stated on April 18, 2020, there isn’t the time necessary to require third party validation of the tests. Effectively, we ended up with testing companies being the fox that watches the hen house. How can one trust the creator of a covid test, to honestly report the test has too many false positives?  In May of 2020, the acting Commissioner of the FDA doubled down on the emergency need to rush unvalidated tests to the frontlines of medical analysis. Without validation of tests, there are no tests, but that was the goal. In this manner, the number could be manipulated to do anything that was needed and desired by the Deep State. All of these facts are documented, in great, repetitive detail on the CSS website and can be validated through the use of the site’s search engine. I am challenging America to do their own research. Why? Because if you find it, you own it. Today, people enjoy the shock value of the adrenalin rush associated with shocking disclosures, then the “sheep” go back to sleep. I challenge America to do 30 minutes of research on the CSS site, I have already done the leg work, the details are waiting for you. The previous subject material in the preceding paragraphs provides you with all the tools you need to know what many of know in the alt media.

You may be wondering why I am challenging the lazy, the sheep, the cognitive dissonance crowd to personally own the threats to our nation and culture. The number reason is that the people who have stolen this country represent private interests that want most of you dead and they are willing to do anything to accomplish that goal. Secondly, America is need of receiving lessons related to self-reliance. There is going to come a time, when my words cannot help you. I may see you one day on the other side of the barbed wire fence and I will have to say “I know you not.”

What Did the Fake Covid Reporting Accomplish?

The goal of every communist regime that has ever existed is centralization for the purposes of control and eliminating competition. This is precisely what the planners of this so-called pandemic achieved.

Beyond communism taking over America, we need to realize a second truth: The goal of communism is wealth redistribution for the purposes of absolute control of essential services in order to achieve self-enrichment as well as  to control the population that is being robbed blind (eg food, medicine, etc). Keep these two truisms in mind as we explain what is happening to our economy.

  1. The previous backbone of the American was small business. It was the largest employer and carried much political clout. However, nearly 60% of small businesses are now erased from the economic landscape of America. Twenty percent of the survivors are on economic life-support. Remember, at the beginning of the lockdowns, big corporate box stores were declared to be essential. Yet, small businesses that sold many of the same products were determined to be non-essential and were forced to close and go out of business. This helped the communists achieve the goal of centralization. Please not that it is the large corporates that are espousing critical race theory and the embodiment of communism in America. It is the corporations that have benefitted from the so-called pandemic.  Further, this so-called pandemic placed the bulk of workers in America in a very vulnerable position where their resources could be controlled for purposes of population manipulation.
  2. The lockdowns accomplished the goal of the communists effectively removing the Constitution and civil liberties as the law of the land. A greatly exaggerated pandemic, with all of its fake numbers and erased our rights by effectively placing the country under medical martial law. And the globalists did not even attempt to hide their duplicity. Churches were closed, but strip clubs and casinos stayed open in order to pleasure the elite. Yet, the sheep of this country donned their gay apparel (ie the masks) and began to wear them upon demand, despite the fact that there is not one study that supports the effectiveness of a mask against covid. In fact, mask packaging even states that wearing them does not prevent the spread of a virus, but don’t confuse the sheep. Medical martial law has ruled this country for 14 months.
  3. The First Amendment is Dead on Arrival. Anyone who dares to point out these truths is cancelled.
  4. Then there was the promise of the vaccines. The public was told if they just take the new, untested vaccines, life can get back to normal…. Now we have flip-flop Fauci making contradictory, unscientific proclamations every week. And now we are being told that you still have to wear a mask even if you have the vaccine.
  5. The vaccines represent the first medical treatment, or product, in medical history, that has no contraindications. This alone should make people refuse the vaccine.
  6. Vaccine injury rates and deaths are not reported in bulk so that the public does not know the dangers.
  7. Social distancing and wearing of masks has been debunked by studies at MIT and Stanford, but that does not matter to the MSM as they keep espousing a false narrative.
  8. Take the vaccine, despite the risks, or, very soon, you will not be able to buy or sell.
  9. Did you know that the vaccines are now mandated by New Zealand’s government in a secretly passed 5 page document. It is a beta test for what is coming here.

I could go on and on, but I am sure your memory was stimulated by these contradictory accounts that were very well documented. I would be remiss if I did not mention that under the cover of covid and absentee ballots, the 2020 election was stolen and given to a dementia patient who received less than 35% of the vote. crippling taxes are being imposed and  In 100 days, our national energy independence has been destroyed, fuel and food shortages loom for this summer according the MSNBC and CNN. Did you know that 34% of all household income now comes from the government as small business lies in ruins? It would seem that the globalists have us where they want us, namely, dependent and vulnerable. And of course, there is the border crisis and the destabilization of our churches as well as creating classrooms that will chant to ancient Aztec Gods, as this paganism has invaded the Catholic churches and our public schools on both sides of the border. Can you say Maoist Cultural Revolution?

Signs of Life

Florida and Texas have mandated that covid passports are illegal in their states. Over a dozen states have mandated that no interference with the Second Amendment will be permitted. Gov Newsom (D-CA) is under imminent recall. It appears the people are beginning to fight back. However, there is a new danger waiting in the wings that will repress all populism, for if one cannot breathe, they cannot protest and be politically active.

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