by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Every now and then I receive a story that (1) comes from a source I do not know, (2) that is full of sensational details that make me question the whole narrative, and (3) which details nonetheless “connect” to other stories I do credit. That’s the case today with this story shared by A.F., and the story it connects to are those bearer bond stories, and my hypothesis of a hidden system of finance, based upon obfuscated bullion amounts, the physical transfer of bearer bonds, and just a whole lot of rehypothecation and other types of fraud and malfeasance, including “official counterfeiting”. Additionally, I believe in some fashion it is related to the “missing trillions” that Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Mark Scidmore, and others have talked about. In any case, when I get such stories, I simply have to blog about them, following my method of assuming the details to be true for the sake of the daily dose of high octane speculation.

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In this case, there’s one detail in particular about this lengthy article that leapt right off the page that “connects” to another detail I’ve heard about before, in a work of “fact-tion” (alleged fact, disguised as fiction), but we’ll get back to that. Here’s the lengthy article:

Now before we get to the peculiar detail that leapt off the page, I want to review a few of the other details advanced by the article that “connect” and make me willing to take its allegations seriously. The first concerns the alleged Philippine shipment of some 3,5oo tons of gold:

The Philippines is rocked again by another scandal involving the previous administration of Benigno Aquino III for having illegally shipped out 3,500 metric tons of 99.999% pure gold, with an estimated value of $141 billion, out of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ vault.

Said amount of gold were used to back up the printing of $3 trillion USD paper currency, early last year. But for whose benefit?

Now this in and of itself dovetails with something I’ve mentioned in numerous blogs, talks at conferences (the San Mateo Secret Space Program conference in 2014, for example), and in my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, and hinted at in Financial Vipers of Venice, and that detail is that the amounts of gold bullion in existence are badly obfuscated, and perhaps “off” of public estimations by as much as an order of magnitude. My reason for maintaining this view was the Sterling and Peggy Seagrave book titled Gold Warriors, which reviews the implications of the USA’s top secret recovery of Japanese gold bullion looted from Asia during World War Two under the effort codenamed Operation Golden Lily, and headed by a member of the Japanese Imperial household, Prince Chichibu. Much of this loot was buried in the Philippine archipelago, and was discovered by – here it comes – Major (later General) Ed Lansdale. (For those wondering who Lansdale was, he is strongly suspected of being involved in the periperhy of the JFK assassination, and was the “boss” of the Mr X of Oliver Stone’s film, JFK, who in real life was Col. Fletcher Prouty. Lansdale is strongly  suspected of having been in Dallas on the day of the assassination. The gold connection is indeed intriguing, given JFK’s dealings with Indonesia at the time, and the discovery prior to the world war of a rich gold mine in that country.) Anyway,  back to the Japanese gold story:  It was buried there by Japanese General Yamashita, later hung (many think unfairly) for war crimes. Admittedly, hanging the Japanese general responsible for burying the loot would be a good way to keep it a big secret.

What is intriguing to me here is precisely the amount of gold being alleged in the secret shipment: 3,500, or in other words, about the same amount of gold as estimates state is possessed by Germany, which, after the USA, supposedly has the world’s second largest gold reserves. To put this point country simple: the amount of gold being alleged in the transfer challenges official estimations of the amount of gold in existence. To put it differently yet again, if this detail is true, then it’s another confirmation of my “hidden system of finance” hypothesis, which system is in part based on this secret gold reserve.

This brings me to the second connection in the article to other stories:

Quote, “there is clear and indisputable proof that the aforesaid USD Notes are being printed against a Certified True copy of a Gold Bullion Certificate, claimed to be issued by Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), covering 3,500 MT of 99.999 Gold in 12.5 Kg Bars taken out of the country and deposited in UBS and registered under the name of Ferdinand E. Marcos as owner.”

5). Above Why is UBS of Switzerland, known as one of the most crooked banks in the world; as a Custodian of Collateral Account Assets / Accounts allowing a Gold Bullion Certificate issued through them, not by them, and under their Custodianship, allowing same to be used unlawfully as the Collateral for the $3 Trillion US Dollar Notes, when they should be fully aware that the Gold Bullion Certificate is already Liened and cannot be used twice without removing the original Lien.

Now this part of the story regarding the former and late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, and the Union Bank of Switzerland, is not new to anyone following it; both have appeared before, and their appearance here is no surprise. It’s another connection to the whole Bearer Bonds saga, some of which were allegedly recovered in the Philippines when an aircraft supposedly carried a bunch of the “fake” bearer bonds crashed there, only to be recovered by a local. I tend to credit these stories, because they fit similar patterns regarding Indonesia and Nationalist (Khoumintang) China. It’s worth recalling that Marcos allegedly began his own secret recovery of the Yamashita gold, and that it was primarily for this reason that the Reagan administration pulled the plug on the Marcos regime.

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