Vatican heavily promotes coronavirus vaccines in ‘Resource Kit for Church Leaders’


    from LifeSite News:

    The propaganda document goes to great lengths to justify the use of the shots while making statements that are not totally accurate or that it’s not qualified to make.
    May 5, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, created by Pope Francis in 2016 from the union of four Pontifical Councils, has published a “Resource Kit for Church Leaders” penned by the special Vatican COVID-19 Commission set up on March 20, 2020.

    The document devotes a large portion of its 15 pages to promoting COVID-19 vaccines and offers material that could even be used in homilies.

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    Prefaced by Cardinal Peter Turkson, prefect of the Dicastery, the Resource Kit focuses almost exclusively on “vaccines” and the hope they are purported to bring, without mention of the supernatural meaning of illness, death, the sacraments and being prepared for the hereafter.

    Instead, the text focuses on the “rebirth” of society as announced by Pope Francis in Fratelli Tutti, not through redemption from the effects of original sin and our personal sins but by discovering “once for all that we need one another, and that in this way our human family can experience a rebirth, with all its faces, all its hands and all its voices.”

    Turkson immediately outlines the path to that rebirth: “A first step in our journey toward a more just, inclusive and equitable world is making COVID-19 vaccines available and accessible to all, as outlined in the December 2019 paper, ‘Vaccine for all: 20 points for a fairer and healthier world,’ published by the Vatican COVID-19 Commission and the Pontifical Academy for Life.”

    The words “inclusive and equitable” are directly lifted from many international organizations and major corporations and their pseudo-religious insistence on well-being for all through “diversity” and special attention to “minorities,” from women, non-whites, people with disabilities to “LGBTQI communities.” While the Vatican document does not list these priorities, its adoption of a shared code of expression and its numerous links to the pro-abortion World Health Organization are cause enough for concern.

    Sadly if not surprisingly, the “Resource Kit” touted by a Vatican Dicastery contains no recommendation to promote actual early treatment of COVID-19 or to work toward lifting absurd, often contradictory and generally useless sanitary regulations. Nor do its documents promote freeing the elderly, who in many countries are truly “COVID prisoners” in their nursing homes, letting go of life because they are being “protected” from their family and loved ones.

    Even on the earthly plane, the Church has something to say about this dehumanization of society – but the words “freedom” and “liberty” do not appear once, not even in connection with the experimental “vaccines” and their links with the crime of abortion.

    On the supernatural plane, one could have expected recommendations to priests and Church leaders to act in favor of freedom of worship, but the only “mass” the document mentions is “mass vaccination campaigns” that “it is urgent to implement” quickly.
    The COVID-19 Resource Kit is tailored from end to end to present getting the vaccine as an “obligation.”

    Skipping straight to the “Sample Social Media Content” toward the end of the kit, priests, families, and Church leaders are encouraged to “help share and amplify the messages about the importance of vaccination, about the responsibility to take the COVID-19 vaccines when clinically possible, and about the need to ensure equitable and fair access to these vaccines for everyone.”

    Sample tweets and messages are offered to cut and paste on Twitter and other social media. Like this one: “As individuals we/I have a moral duty to protect others from #COVID19 and a vaccine is the most effective way to achieve this, which we can undergo with a clear conscience to protect not only our own health, but also out of solidarity with the most vulnerable #COVID19vaccine #VaticanCovidCommission @VaticanNews @VaticanIHD @PontAcadLife.”

    Or this one: “In the spirit of #Fraternity, we cannot forget the most vulnerable and needy throughout the world. Receiving the vaccine is an act of love @VaticanNews @VaticanIHD #VaticanCovidCommission #COVID19vaccine.”

    And here is the one with pro-life overtones: “Since every life is inviolable, nobody must be left out. Vaccines are a means to respect and save the gift of life @VaticanNews @iamCARITAS @VaticanIHD #VaticanCovidCommission #COVID19vaccine.”

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