Transgender Fender-Bender: U.S. Judge Rules in Favor of Males Residing at Christian College Female Dorms, Using Showers


by Robert Bridge, Strategic Culture:

Without more inclusive and intelligent discussion on the issue of transgender, it is only a matter of time before tragedy ensues.

A federal judge ruled that students who identify with the opposite sex must be allowed to share ‘private spaces’ and dorms at a Christian college in Missouri.

The Biden administration’s plan for destroying privacy, public safety and common sense took another big step towards fruition as Judge Roseann Ketchmark ruled against the College of the Ozarks, a private Christian college that had sued over transgender discrimination policies laid out in Biden’s January executive order, “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.”


Represented by attorneys from the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), college officials were hoping to be excused from a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) directive that requires any facilities falling under the Fair Housing Act to open female dormitories and bathrooms to biological males, and vice versa.

Judge Ketchmark, who was appointed to the bench by former U.S. president Barack Obama in 2015, shot down the lawsuit. Although lawyers for the college had argued on behalf of Title IX, which provides exemptions for private religious institutions, Ketchmark ordered the college to comply with the Fair Housing Act, which falls under HUD’s jurisdiction and to which exemptions are limited.

Attorneys for the private Christian college expressed disappointment with the ruling, saying it will serve to “victimize” females in the future.

“Women shouldn’t be forced to share private spaces, including showers and dorm rooms with males, and religious schools shouldn’t be punished simply because of their beliefs about biological sex,” Julie Marie Blake, senior counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), told reporters following the case.

“The Biden administration’s overreach continues to victimize women, girls and people of faith by gutting their legal protections, and it must be stopped,” she continued.

Ozarks President Jerry C. Davis also had some harsh words following the decision.

“Religious freedom is under attack in America, and we won’t stand on the sidelines and watch,” Davis said in a statement. “To threaten religious freedom is to threaten America itself. College of the Ozarks will not allow politicians to erode this essential American right or the ideals that shaped America’s founding.”

Meanwhile, College of the Ozarks Chief Communications Officer Valerie Coleman told reporters the school would likely file an appeal.

“We will continue to fight,” she said.

And just like that, the nation is right back to square one in the great transgender debates, which impact an infinitesimal segment of the population, yet present serious legal risks for institutions in the form of expensive lawsuits.

Conservatives enjoyed a brief moment of normality when, in February 2017, Republican President Donald Trump rescinded Barack Obama’s so-called ‘toilet laws’, which required public schools to let transgender students use the bathrooms matching their chosen gender identity. Schools that did not comply with the law were at risk of losing their federal funding.

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