Loosen Technology’s Grip on Your Mind


    by Corey Lynn, Corey’s Digs:

    Isn’t it funny how industry leaders believe that turning off lights, finding a channel on the TV, or turning on the radio constitutes as something being “smart.” Are these difficult tasks for human beings? When did humanity get so lazy? Nowadays, everything is “smart,” except for you of course. They want you to believe you are incapable and need their help, while they turn on the mic, the camera, implant subliminal messaging or frequencies, and spy on you through constant surveillance systems running across the entire grid.

    Most people don’t even realize the damage that is being done to them, the mind control they are sipping in, and the constant energy-sucking distractions that are steadily stealing their lives.

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    There was a CBS reality television series called ‘Hunted’ that aired back in 2017, whereby 18 every-day people set off in 9 groups to try to get off grid by evading the FBI and US Marshalls in a time where everything is digitally tracked. If they could last the full 28 days without being hunted down, they would win $250k. It was interesting to observe how some of the seemingly obvious things to avoid, they were finding very difficult to live without, and how at every turn and every corner they were picked off due to surveillance everywhere.

    Now more than ever, it is becoming increasingly important for people to protect themselves from the various methods of mind control being utilized through technology. It is equally important to protect one’s privacy and preserve their time and energy for living a more fulfilled life. Initially, it will take some time, courage, and support to cut a path toward healthier and safer habits and routines. This is where the Circle comes in and why it is so important. What is the Circle? It is something that The Solari Report has been prompting people to do for years – for people to form small groups of twelve or fewer members that meet regularly to provide a financial and educational support system for one another.

    Working together in a Circle will provide a supportive system with loyal people who have each other’s backs, can tackle tasks together, research and coordinate plans, and in this case, some new technology and features that will assist the Circle in moving forward in a safer environment for their home, families, and the Circle itself.

    This piece is designed to inspire a discussion of “best practices,” and we expect this to start a rich discussion that can lead to better network intelligence on how to use technology wisely. It can be downloaded in pdf format here for the convenience of having a printable checklist to work through.

    It’s important to recognize and understand that nothing is truly 100% “safe” when it comes to privacy on the internet, but we do the best we can to protect ourselves and minimize our exposure and footprint. If the powers that be truly wanted access, we all know they control the doorways.

    This article was written by Corey Lynn of Corey’s Digs for The Solari Report. Below is a conversation between Corey Lynn and Catherine Austin Fitts on this information.

    The Infrastructure of Influence Operations

    The infrastructure is somewhat boundless and seems to seep in from every crevice, but there are ways to minimize and avoid much of it. It’s important to recognize who and where it’s coming from, in order to begin removing and limiting all of this noise.

    The Influencers

    • Social and news media
    • Entertainment industry
    • Education system – schools
    • Politicians
    • Big corp, big tech, and big pharma
    • Agents of influencers who make it seem like there is organic support for the narratives being pushed
    • Unknowing individuals who have been manipulated

    Applications Used for Mind Control and Tracking

    • TV
    • Radio
    • Internet
    • Smartphones and Smartwatches
    • Video games
    • GPS system in vehicles
    • Cell towers
    • Smart meters
    • Surveillance cameras on every corner
    • Satellites and drones
    • Transhumanism-related technologies
    • AI and robotics
    • Smart devices, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Echo, Apple’s HomePod, or Google’s Nest Cam
    • Materials received in the mail
    • Visual aids such as signs, stickers, and plexiglass walls

    Covert Invisible Forms of Mind Control

    • Long and short-wave electromagnetic forces emitted in public spaces to induce certain feelings
    • Frequency manipulation
    • Subliminal programming
    • Brainwave manipulation
    • Entrainment technology
    • Waveform can be transmitted through the entire power grid into our homes

    Minimizing Risks & Maximizing Your Circle

    This is one of the most important checklists you will ever complete. Sure, it may take several weeks, but that’s ok, this isn’t a race. It’s important to accomplish these tasks sooner than later, but it will also feel like a bit of a transformation, so pace yourself. Much of these can be done by yourself, but some of them will require a group effort. This is a good way for the Circle to come together and select which tasks to tackle first, while assigning some of the items to individuals most qualified.

    I would highly recommend working on the items that will impact the Circle first, such as setting up a private open-source cloud communications system for the group, encrypted email accounts, and encrypted calling services, such as Telegram. It might be wise to bring your cell phones to one meeting so that everyone can help one another out while installing these apps, and other cell phone related tasks listed below. Once that is complete, cell phones should not be brought into meetings.

    Many of these items are things you can do in your home and on your own, and may be welcomed new habits you find enjoyment in. Other items may be a little more challenging, which is why the support of the Circle is so powerful. You will have multiple people to offer a helping hand.

    The Basics

    ❑ Unplug and turn off your TV, or get rid of it entirely, especially if it’s a smart TV.

    ❑ You may consider setting up a second phone number on an app such as Kall8 to have forwarded to your phone. This will protect your main number and limit the amount of robocalls and other potential nefarious actions against you.

    ❑ Clean out and organize files on your computer. Remove the 200 bookmarks you don’t need and only keep a small handful. Remove all the clutter to free your mind. Remove all application software you do not use.

    ❑ Clear your browser cache weekly. For speed, browsers will automatically cache website information and sometimes they don’t accept change very well. Here’s some handy cache clearing instruction links for MacOS SafariiOS Safari, and FireFox. We do not recommend using Chrome or Outlook.

    ❑ Always read the terms and conditions when downloading or installing any apps. Though it is not recommended to install social media apps, these are the most dangerous ones because they sneak in information that allows them to access other areas of your phone. The 2013 documentary ‘Terms and Conditions May Apply’ is a must watch.

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