Its Your Fear, Nobody Elses


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

Life; the right to protect one’s life as one sees fit within the confines of one’s person;

Liberty; the right to do as one pleases accepting that outside, extra-corporeal events will occur;

Pursuit of Happiness; the right to order one’s affairs as one believes may lead to a state of happiness, but no promise of success is given;

This list is not exclusive and it predates government.  Government cannot give you these rights, nor can it withhold them, as Government never had them in the first place.


Michael Stern thinks that formerly being a federal prosecutor means he doesn’t have to care about such things.  He believes that you should have to take a drug whether you want it or not, whether it can help you or not, or be denied literally everything including groceries.  In other words he doesn’t believe in the Declaration nor pre-existing rights.  He further thinks what is called “vaccine hesitancy” is about Donald Trump, attempting to justify his perspective with the usual leftist ******* position: “Orange Man is responsible for it all.”  This should not shock anyone, just as the person recently shot by the cops in NC was claimed by said leftists to have been “assassinated” despite, it appears, striking the police with his vehicle.

Mr. Stern is full of crap and he’s not alone.

Indeed these advocates are deliberately lying in several respects.  They claim that everyone must have a shot to reach “herd immunity.”  That’s dead wrong on the science and that false claim is deliberate; among other points anyone naturally infected counts as well. We knew in March of last year that not everyone was susceptible to severe disease and death.  We knew it because a cruise ship full of old, fat, morbid people, of which nearly every cruise ship is on a wildly over-represented basis didn’t have everyone on board drop like flies.  Yes, some people got sick and a few died.  But nowhere near everyone got sick, and even fewer died.  Indeed, only about one in five got sick.  We didn’t know why everyone wasn’t susceptible to clinical disease or worse but we knew this factually in March of 2020 yet Fauci, the CDC and indeed many other so-called “experts” intentionally lied and called this a “novel virus” to which everyone was at severe risk of serious disease and death.


Now we know why; 81% of the population of the planet has cross-immunity which is at least partially protective.  None of these “advocates” and so-called “experts” care about how we got that immunity and in fact they deny it exists despite hard, scientific proof.  It’s why every single one of us is alive and why we’ve all survived thus far both individually and as a species.  Adaptive cross-immunity only comes from your immune system fighting off some infection.  We all have done it since we were infants; indeed, the reason breast milk is a superior means of feeding a baby is that the mother passes to her infant a wildly-effective and supercharged bolster of antibodies, a “primer” if you will, in the first feedings which are called “colostrum.”  It’s so important that we’ve documented over the years that children fed from the breast are wildly less-likely to get sick, including diseases that can be and sometimes are fatal to said children.

Do these “advocates and experts” propose that we jail, shun, bar from employment or even jail any woman who refuses to feed her child from the breast, or who fails to put in sufficient effort to do so if she finds it difficult or simply inconvenient?  Or do we consider it a valid personal choice to reach for the Similac?  

These people point out that the shots claim to be 90% effective and it sucks if you’re in the 10%.  Well, true enough.  But what none of them care about is relative and absolute risk of both Covid-19 and the shots yet you have to be insane to accept a risk from a shot that is greater than the risk from the disease itself.  That is, VAERS says there are 3,607 deaths associated with these vaccines over four months time, while the next-largest set is for the HIBV vaccine with 1,363.  But the HIB vaccine has been given routinely to children since 1987, a period of 34 years, meaning that said 1,363 associated deaths come to just 40 annually and it is the most-dangerous “next in line”; all others are less so!

Note that HIB, prior to vaccination, was approximately three to five times as deadly as Covid-19 generally, killing between 3-6% of all who got it and virtually everyone who got it and died of it was a young child with decades of life ahead of them, not someone in a nursing home where the average life expectancy at admission is six months.  Yes, it sucks if you die in a nursing home of Covid-19 but this does not change the fact that 53% of the time if you’re admitted to a nursing home you’re dead of something within the next six months.  Dead is dead when you get down to it and we all die exactly once.  If my risk of death over six months time is 53% I’m not especially scared of a virus; yeah, it might get me but the odds are that something will cause my demise over the next 180 days one way or another.

Put this up against the Covid shots which are carrying roughly 100 times the risk of associated death for a disease that, if you catch it, is much less likely to kill you in the general sense.  Indeed, among healthy persons the risk of death is not 1/5th that of HIB which carries a risk of 1/25 (~4%) but rather approximately 1/50,000, including specifically among children under 18.   That is among healthy people Covid-19 is two thousand times less likely to kill you than HIB is to kill a healthy baby.

In other words these fools assert that they have the power to compel you to take two hundred thousand times the risk or more of any of the other common vaccines on a risk-adjusted basis for the disease in question.

Further, since these Covid shots are only 4 months old in general distribution we should expect them to kill over 10,000 people a year each and every year into the future.  May I remind you that among healthy people, with a 1/50,000 rate of death if you get the virus, per the CDC’s and NY Coroner’s estimates, Covid would kill 6,100 people annually across 330 million healthy persons were we to have such a population?

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