CNN Sends Narrative Engineers to Maricopa County Arizona to Frame Extremist Narrative


    from The Conservative Treehouse:

    Things are escalating in Maricopa County Arizona as the first week of the ballot audit comes to a close.  After democrats lost several court challenges; and after a state judge affirms the right of the Arizona Senate to conduct an audit; CNN has dispatched their hit-team to document the workers and frame an extremist narrative. [SEE HERE]

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    The CNN camera crews worked earnestly to get election audit volunteers on camera; the objective appears to be the familiar threats and intimidation tactics carried out by the news and narrative company in the past. A previous ground report from a local volunteer sent to the Treehouse includes:

    […] “Today law enforcement/security told us there was a vehicle or 2 about two blocks away with a long angle lens taking pictures (he thought) of the people and (I bet) license plates. We saw the one vehicle as we pulled out but couldn’t see in it. Anyway, I expected this. We are dealing with people who have no lowest. It’s getting ugly in the media now; just as usual they start their smear campaign.”


    […] “There are so many lies in the media … They neglect to say this is the first time this has ever been done to this detail and this scale, and thankfully, certain procedures are being altered to fit this reality. Smoother everyday. Real hardworking, earnest people counting, and observing on the shifts we worked. Audit staff seems good.”

    “I don’t know how the counters could cheat – the vote is verified by 3 people in addition to the staff who put the ballot on the podium. Their numbers all have to match and the observer can see the ballot and where the counter marks the tally sheet … there’s no way they could cheat-they’d all have to be in on it at the table, but the observer can see the ballot!”

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