American conservatives are being ‘otherized,’ just as Jews always have been


by Gary Gindler, American Thinker:

What is the name of the police officer at the Minnesota show trial? His given name is Derek Chauvin, but the circumstances of this trial suggest that perhaps his last name may as well be Dreyfus. French officer Alfred Dreyfus was neither the first nor the last to suffer from the mass hysteria of the brainless crowd. He was eventually acquitted on appeal, but there is no guarantee that the same fate awaits this Minnesota police officer. What’s common to both the Chauvin and Dreyfus cases is that a phony press, high-ranking politicians, and well-brainwashed citizens played a decisive role in something that the law and only the law should have operated.


The mass-disinformation media create their own reality, and in this reality, officers Alfred Dreyfus and Derek Chauvin are guilty. In America, this alternative reality is based on the fact that we allegedly have systemic, institutional racism. If we accept this point of view, we then must acknowledge that the systemically racist American judicial system delivered Chauvin a guilty verdict. Of course, this is a logical contradiction – if institutional racism exists, why would Chauvin be spending decades in prison?

Was the jury’s decision fair? From the jury’s point of view, of course. Otherwise, their lives and the lives of their families would not be worth a penny. From the point of view of the city of Minneapolis, it was very fair. Otherwise, the city would have been burned to the ground. From a legal point of view, this was a gross, unforgivable, but possibly deliberate mistake. It is entirely plausible that there is a sober calculation here – to postpone the pogroms until the appellate court’s decision. Most likely, the appellate decision will coincide precisely with the next presidential election or a Republican president’s inauguration.

With braggadocio, Antifa proudly proclaims that Chauvin’s conviction was possible only because of their “daring” campaign of mass terror and calls for further violent actions and attacks on law enforcement. “All cops are Derek Chauvin” – read their post-trial slogan. This also applies to flippant or frightened police officers who flinched and knelt in front of BLM and thereby demonstrated their weakness to the Leftists.

With grief, conservatives in America are now assigned a second-class status, just like the Jews in Nazi Germany. The appropriate term to describe this new political phenomenon would be Judenization.

The chaos on the streets of many American cities began in 2018 with Jewish pogroms. BLM and Antifa attacked Jews and synagogues. The chaos continued for years. In 2021, this Judenization of all American dissidents reached a new level.

Currently, American citizens who legally acquire or inherit firearms face the threat of confiscation. Most conservatives have been banished to digital Gulags and internet concentration camps. Conservatives are the only ones who warn that these virtual, digital Gulags are paving the way for the real Gulags.

Germany from 1933 to 1938 followed a similar path. The Nazis outlawed firearms for everyone except members of organizations associated with the Nazis. Censorship was rampant, including the public burning of “unwanted” books. Finally, an attempt was made to the “final solution to the Jewish question” – first in the Third Reich and then in the Soviet Union.

21st century America has so much in common with the Third Reich and the USSR, especially the juxtaposition of European Jews and American conservatives – and, indeed, all White Americans who have not abased themselves before the left. America is still far from full-fledged Nazi or Soviet terror. Today, this is just an inquisition against conservatives, Republicans, and other dissidents, but this may be just the beginning. If left unhindered, it is clear that the American Left is setting the stage for a “final solution to the conservative and White question.”

Chauvin’s trial may mean that soon the conservatives will have to wear an American flag badge on their clothes – as a sign of their second-class citizen status. The first-class citizens will not wear a swastika (after all, it’s the 21st century) but a badge with a hammer and sickle. An American professor, a BLM supporter, said immediately after Chauvin’s verdict: “One cop almost down. A massive carceral system and a million other cops, capitalism, White supremacy, patriarchy, ableism, misogyny, to go.”

Judaization came about because the reasons the Left hates America and the reasons the Left hates Jews are essentially the same. Anti-Americanism has always paralleled anti-Semitism, and the persecution of conservatives in America is strikingly similar to the persecution of European Jews.

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