Wokeless and Second Class


by Donald Jeffries, Keeping It Unreal:

America is on the way to instituting a new form of Apartheid. This one won’t be based on skin color. The new “Jim Crow” isn’t voting laws that logically require a photo ID to prevent fraud. It isn’t a convenient historical reference for prominent Blacks like Virginia Assistant Governor Justin Fairfax to invoke, because he was accused by two credible women of sexual assault. Nobody is “racist” against anyone with wealth or power, like Fairfax. Lots of average Whites may justifiably despise him, but they can’t be “racist” regardless. They don’t have power. He does.

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The elite who misrule us have managed to convert the largest elephant in this collapsing country- the massive and growing disparity of wealth- into a racial argument, where rich Black celebrities or public officials can claim the system, which has bestowed fantastic favors upon them- is actually against them. By the same argument, the millions of Whites who are living paycheck to paycheck, or are even homeless, have a “privilege” that these powerful “persons of color” don’t have. It is based upon the belief that “systemic racism” is responsible for all Black pathology, despite the clear and public support of the most extreme Black Lives Matter advocates by the most influential organs of that system.

USA Today recently ran one of the most ridiculous stories I’ve ever seen, which concluded that “White Supremacy” was responsible for all interracial crime. “White Supremacy” apparently compels Blacks to commit 90% of all interracial crime, including almost all of the crimes against Asians, which have recently been the subject of much attention, and of course nonsensically attributed to “White Supremacy.” What exactly does “White Supremacy” even mean? You could make the argument that “White Supremacy” predominated as recently as the 1950s in America. But now? Yes, most of our leaders are still White- but doesn’t that stand to reason, since most of the population still is? And those White leaders are not exactly renowned for any “Supremacist” beliefs. On the contrary, the “Woke” ones hate Whites more than the most radical member of the Nation of Islam. And the “conservative” ones do nothing but apologize and backpedal, and brag about all the African-Americans supposedly flocking to the Republican Party.

Major League Baseball recently pulled the All-Star game out of Georgia, in response to the state enacting some halfway sensible voting requirements. In our present mad world, Black people don’t have photo IDs, and cannot vote unless someone brings them water. This kind of pandering is embarrassing and condescending. Think the ridiculous film The Blind Side, where a troubled Black youth, whose just happened to be a huge football player, was rescued from his Blackness by a “Woke” White family, who just happened to be powerful alumni boosters of a nationally successful college football program. Louis Farrakhan and his followers were justifiably outraged over this syrupy demeaning of Black families, but modern “liberals” related to it. It’s a great fantasy of theirs; to “rescue” some directionless Black, who just needs a properly “Woke” White guiding hand. Very similar to Hollywood celebs adopting children from Africa, to exploit in photo ops and then hand off to their nannies behind closed doors.

Those of us trying to maintain a classically liberal attitude of tolerance, empathy, and fairness for all, in the midst of all the authoritarian madness of the One Party in power, have already become essentially second-class citizens. If the Orwellian vaccine passport becomes a reality, then we will literally become second-class. I can easily foresee separate seating sections in restaurants for the unvaccinated. Maybe they’ll have separate drinking fountains. With no irony.

Corporate America used to be the bastion of conservatism. Now, all the big corporations are politically correct to the core. Look at all the anti-White comments from Coca-Cola recently. As if informed people needed any further reasons not to drink their chemical poison. While MLB made it known that it too was more concerned with virtue signaling than the almighty profit motive, the NBA and NFL have long been slapping its majority White fan base in the face. Leave aside the open discrimination against White athletes (it is very real- both sports have a strict quote on White players). When Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the National Anthem, the huge White fan base was finally outraged. All Black teams? That’s cool. Cheering on women-beaters, cop-beaters, and thieves? As long as he can make “my” team win, baby! But disrespect the flag? As Trump said, “fire them!”

America not only doesn’t have any “White Privilege,” or “White Supremacy,” or any “racism” against Blacks beyond furtive whispers from truly powerless people in trailer parks and the like, it absolutely is obsessed with Black people. With making certain they’re wildly overrepresented in public life, from sports, to entertainment, to politics. With currying their favor by obsequiously fawning over them, as if they were special-needs children, or rescued animals. Every powerful institution in this “systemically racist” society of ours cowers to any Black threat, and almost all gave large amounts financially to Black Lives Matter. That’s a pretty bizarre thing for the “White Supremacists” running this country to do. And yet, despite all the virtue signaling, the majority of Blacks remain mired in poverty.

I’ve never been called racist by any Black person. On the contrary, the many, many Blacks I interacted with regularly as a young blue collar worker, and later on in the IT world, seemed to find my perspective refreshing. I spoke my mind, and they loved it. I was the only White guest at a couple of Black weddings, and several Black parties. I certainly never analyzed anything from any ivory tower. I don’t want Blacks to be discriminated against unfairly. I want them to have the same rights as everyone else. I would have passionately supported the Civil Rights movement, if I’d been old enough to do so. I spent a lot of time in my younger years listening with awe to the words of Martin Luther King. And honestly investigating his assassination, unlike the vast majority of those on the Left.

It is now impossible to discuss any subject in this crumbling country, without some White virtue signaler, or some laughable Black public official, turning it into a racial issue. And the dynamics of every racial issue are very simple. Whatever the problem is, it is said to especially impact Black people. Any “debate” consists of cries of “racism,” and the only Whites involved are those screaming it the loudest, or cucked out apologetic figures who serve the purpose of being figurative dartboards. “We need to have a discussion” invariably means that Whites are all racist and privileged, and Blacks are still being treated unfairly.

I would like to see someone offer a Maxine Watters, or Ilhan Omar, or Don Lemon, or Al Sharpton, a huge sum of money if they would submit to a one hour interview, where they could talk about any subject but race. I would actually like to know what these state-approved Black leaders think about subjects besides race. I don’t think they could do it. And this probably holds true for the vast majority of Black people in America today. They have been indoctrinated to think their entire being, and purpose in life, revolves exclusively around them being Black, even if half or more of their genetic makeup is from some other ethnicity. If only Black leaders were more like the great Cynthia McKinney, or even the usually sensible (but still mainstream “conservative”) Candace Owens.

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