Who Rules America?


by Lew Rockwell, Lew Rockwell:

Dealing with issues of social disagreement

What logic or set of facts can we use to persuade the LEFT to abandon its contrived campaign against hate, racism and division?  What messages can we use to deal with others who have an entirely different world view?  The answer is, there aren’t any.

American economist Thomas Sowell says: “One of the most dangerous signs of our times is the growing number of individuals and groups who believe that no one can possibly disagree with them for any honest reason.” 

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The LEFT already has its scripts

The political LEFT already has its scripts.  There is a collective social narrative.  “Build back better.”  “We are all in this together.”  There is no place for the individual.  We all must march in lock step together.

The political LEFT knows they are wrong but won’t admit it.  There will be no apologies from the political LEFT.  Responsibility for the deaths from the lockdowns and the shuttling of virally-infected patients into nursing homes will be ignored.

BLM: Front men for the leftist banksters

The BLM burns down businesses in 200 American cities and police and governments stand down.  In the convoluted mind of the LEFTIST, these businesses succeeded because of pervasive racism (disregarding the fact many were black-owned private enterprises).

Few can see that the BLM acts as front-man for evil bankers who then swoop in and buy these distressed commercial properties for ten-cents on the dollar, rebuild these burned-down commercial properties and take a special zero-tax rate on capital gains.  The LEFT is hiding behind BLM, and plundering private enterprises.

When blacks loot stores, this is now seen as some form of reparation for slavery.  There is no outcry from a former black President, who could shame them.  Nor from a former black TV host who acts as if she is the conscience of the nation. Rather, both are urging the looters on by their failure to censure.

Difference between LEFT and RIGHT

A friend of mine who has insight into what is going on politically but chooses to remain anonymous (that says something right there), says what distinguishes the LEFT from the RIGHT is the conservative on the RIGHT will die for what he/she believes in.  The progressives on the LEFT will kill for what they believe in.

The LEFT will stop at nothing

We must understand the forest fires in California were in the RED zones, the rural areas that the Agenda 21 advocates want vacated.  As soon as Texas said it might think of seceding from the union, suddenly a snow storm struck Texas, paralyzing life in the Lone Star State.  Geoengineering  — weather control.  The LEFT will stop at nothing.

The LEFT doesn’t want to hear the other side of the argument.  They will just eliminate it.   There is no negotiation, no coming to agreement.

Everything is fake anyway

And we are not likely going to resolve issues in the public square like face mask wearing and social distancing or vaccination, regardless of the evidence.  This is a contrived pandemic from the get-go, so after that, everything is fake.  The COVID-19 coronavirus is like the flu, it mutates rapidly and vaccines are largely ineffective because of that.  But we must vaccinate!  Or else!

The privileged pay to get their kids in college

So, in this new enlightened era, we see wealthy parents, who paid universities under the table with donations to get their kids into prestigious schools, being paraded and jailed.  Yet no mention that it was the LEFTIST schools that accepted the money.  The universities didn’t give the money back.

The inference is blacks don’t have the money to get their kids into the best schools, and therefore, this is an example of inequality and racism.

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