Think $100 Silver Is A Crazy Price… Not If You Check Out This Chart


by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

While we have witnessed a surge of new silver investment demand over the past year, it’s nothing compared to the massive buying coming in the future.  We know that there is something BIG happening in the silver market when the top silver analysts “conveniently” omit the massive global silver ETF demand in their surplus-deficit calculations.

I provided my analysis in response to the recent Kitco interview of Phillip Newman, managing director of Metals Focus, who provides the World Silver Survey for the Silver Institute.  Mr. Newman claims there was a huge 80 million ounce silver surplus last year, the highest in over a decade.  This confused many silver investors because they thought there had to be a shortage and deficit last year.  Actually, I believe there was a MASSIVE SILVER DEFICIT in 2020, and provide this information for the Silver & Gold Members.


The main problem I have with the major silver analysts from CPM Group and Metals Focus is that they are not treating the record Global Silver ETF demand as REAL PHYSICAL DEMAND.  This will come back and bite them hard when they try to explain real SILVER SHORTAGES in the future.

One of the claims these silver analysts make is that there is all this silver in the world.  They say there are billions of ounces of silver out there just waiting to come into the market.  Really?  That could be true, but why would any silver investor sell their metal at $30-$40 or even $50 an ounce when the WORST is yet to come when the highly leveraged debt-based financial system collapses??  That’s the reason you buy and hold onto silver.  Not to make a few bucks of fiat profits.

So, if we go along with the CPM Group and Metals Focus silver analysts and agree that there are 5 billion oz of Investment Silver in the world, at $100 an ounce, it would equal $500 billion.  Now compare that to the $24,000 billion, or $24 trillion of NEW GLOBAL DEBT added just in 2020.

That’s correct; even at $100 an ounce, all the global silver investment in the world would equal a paltry 2% compared to the $24 trillion of new debt added to the Greatest Financial Ponzi Scheme in human history.  It’s due to this very reason… why we invest in physical silver.  This kind of debt-based monetary insanity can’t continue at this rate for much longer before the entire facade comes crashing down.

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