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    The whole world is witnessing a pre-planned and highly organized criminal cover-up of the deaths and injuries and illnesses and diseases and miscarriages directly caused by the various toxic types of COVID-19 injections.

    This rapidly evolving international criminal conspiracy to foist an extremely hazardous ‘vaccine’ upon the entire planetary civilization is completely without precedent.  But what makes it a truly genocidal crime wave washing over the planet is the extraordinary intention to enforce such a comprehensive and complex cover-up of the never-ending crime spree.

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    To date, there are countless proven cases of deaths, injuries and illness which have occurred right after people have received the different Covid jabs.

    Despite the overwhelming evidence of the lethality of the so-called COVID-19 vaccines, nations everywhere proceed to kill and/or injure their citizens, and then cover up these medical events known euphemistically as iatrogenic death and illness.

    What type of utterly satanic entity is running this extremely nefarious OPERATION COVID JAB that literally murders people at will, and then employs the mainstream media to systematically cover up the global genocide?!   Just WOW ! ! !

    FUNVAX: Globalist Plot to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine
    Exposes Shocking Satanic Conspiracy

    In point of fact, OPERATION COVID JAB is the greatest attempt to depopulate the planet and debilitate the remaining inhabitants ever undertaken by The Powers That Be.  As follows:

    OPERATION COVID JAB is now in full swing.

    And there appears to be nothing that can stop this slow-motion genocide scheme that’s rolling across the planet like an out-of-control juggernaut.

    Therefore, the best that people everywhere can do is to protect themselves and loved ones from the rapidly burgeoning and extremely perilous Super Vaccination Agenda à la COVID-19.

    The Powers That Be have quite obviously planned out THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC over several decades. Their main mission is twofold: (i) Depopulation and (ii) Debilitation.
    (Source: OPERATION COVID JAB: The Stealthy Genocidal Scheme to Depopulate the Planet and Enslave Humanity)

    It’s as though the more COVID-19 vaccine recipients who are killed, the greater the resolve by virtually every government on Earth to force these toxic Covid shots on their citizens.

    Truly, the world community of nations has been transformed into a global Nazi-like vaccine experiment where the noxious vaccinations are quite predictably either fatal or injurious; and yet there is no culpability rightly assigned to the murderous Big Pharma manufacturers and their many Government-Medical Complex co-conspirators.

    Deadly Vaccines

    First, it’s of paramount importance to understand that the various Covid injections are not vaccines.  They are a highly experimental and risky shots being injected on citizenries everywhere and WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT.  That alone makes this unrivaled crime against humanity project an immense conspiracy to commit genocide. See: COVID-19 VACCINE: A Slow-Motion Genocidal Bioweapon…

    In other words, if folks knew what exactly they were being injected with, they would never — EVER — agree to taking such dangerous shots.  As follows:

    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains the Hard Truths
    About COVID-19 Injections (Video)

    Rolling out such an untested and unsafe ‘vaccination’ program worldwide is the height of medical hubris and governmental recklessness.  Beyond that, such a transparently bioengineered bioweapon represents a worldwide genocidal enterprise on a scale without parallel in human history.

    And, it’s the ongoing cover-up of the growing number of deaths and vaccine-induced diseases that permits the Covid criminals to keep it going, as inconceivable and malevolent as it is.

    What follows are just a few articles that include many qualified physicians and vaccine experts speaking out about how just dangerous and deadly the various COVID-19 vaccines really are.

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