Stop It Now Or The Nation Dies


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Let that sink in folks.

Do you really think these “vaccines” are about a disease?

They are not.

Do you really think getting jabbed will “let you return to normal life”?  It will not.

Do you think there is no risk to going back every five or six months to do it again?  You’re wrong.

What is this really about?



Why don’t you take a look at this?  As I pointed out back after the 2008 crash and the so-called “Obama recovery” there never was an actual recovery at all.  Up until that point we had an upward slope with plenty of flat spaces.  Then, coming out of the 2008 collapse we had an accelerating curve which was all credit creation — not economic expansion.  This was directly tied into Obamacare and forcing more money out of your pocket for the benefit of Hospitals and Pharma, which was the real trigger for the 2008 collapse in the first place; they ran out of the ability to extort people.

Why were hospitals given cash bonuses from Medicare and Medicaid if you had Covid?  It wasn’t because whatever was wrong with you wasn’t otherwise paid for.  Nope — it was because the medical monster was threatening to topple over once again, as it did in 2008.

What did we do this time?

The same thing except that this inevitably reflects back into prices, because it must.

If there is $1,000 in existence, 1,000 bushels of corn and that’s all there is the clearing price between the two will be about a buck, more or less.  Now double the number of dollars in existence but keep the same amount of corn and what do you think the price per bushel will be?

When we pulled this bull**** the last time, after WWII, we got nasty inflation in the 1970s and early 80s.  That forced the second adult in the home to go to work where they formerly stayed home and raised the kids, usually the woman.

Well, we already used that up, didn’t we?

What else did we get out of that?  Destroyed families, especially black families, because she got more money if she threw the guy out and that means the kids had no father, nor anyone else around for half the day.  Gee, that gang sounds like a decent idea once they get to be about 12, right?  We caused this folks — directly — with money-printing.

The median household income in Chicago is about $57,000.  There are a lot of people making $200,000+ in that town; they either live in the nice high-rise condos or somewhere on the North Shore.  This means there are a lot of households making $30,000 or less and every adult that lives there is working, barely getting by.  Take the equivalent of $10,000 of their money away through an increased cost of living at the grocery store, gas station, property tax, parking fees and all other manner of bull**** and they can’t pay the electric, gas bill to heat the place or the property taxes.

You can’t “give” them yet more handouts because if you do that immediately reflects back into even more increased price and makes the problem worse.  What do you see right now?  Plenty of people who won’t do hard work for a modest wage because they’re better off sitting at home collecting unemployment and they can’t stay ahead of their cost of living anyway.

What was Covid really about?

Attempting to force you into a subscription model for “health care” where you have to spend money every six months, like it or not, on a permanent basis where the companies making the “thing” have no obligation to not continually raise price, and they will.  Worse, they’ve intentionally designed these “vaccines” to be an inferior match against natural infection, something never before allowed to be used in humans because it is dangerous and we know it is dangerous and resulted in disaster among animal husbandry.  Look at Moderna’s stock price, look up the patents and who’s name is on some of them and then contemplate why it is that you let both the corporate and government people involved in this bull**** go home and sleep well every night after stealing all your money and your health.

The people attempting this, every one of them, need to go to prison now because if they don’t do that here, now and today we’re going to get a breakdown of the social order, every single cop’s house will become uninsurable because if there’s a cop car parked in front of it Burn, Loot and Murder will toss a can of gasoline through the window and there will be nothing left of American society nor your precious stock market.  You think not — or you can blow this off and it will all be ok?  Well then come up with a scenario under which the bottom third of America can pay their bills at a 30% higher cost of living — and it can’t involve more money-printing by the government because that not only doesn’t work it makes the problem worse.

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