Slowly But Surely, The Truth Is Coming Out


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Don’t you hate it when what you get turns out to be far different from what you were promised?  In this article, I am only going to share facts that have been documented by corporate media sources.  These facts are going to upset a lot of people, because they prove that much of what we had been promised didn’t turn out to be true.  So many people that I know were convinced that if they just got their two shots they would be 100 percent protected for the rest of their lives and they would never have to be concerned about getting COVID ever again.  In addition, most Americans still seem to believe that if a high enough percentage of the population gets their shots COVID will be defeated and the pandemic will be brought to an end.  Unfortunately, all of those assumptions have turned out to be dead wrong.


If you don’t want to believe me, perhaps you will believe the CEO of Pfizer.  This week, he admitted that “fully vaccinated” people will need a third shot of the vaccine within 12 months

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said people will “likely” need a third dose of a Covid-19 vaccine within 12 months of getting fully vaccinated. His comments were made public Thursday but were taped April 1.

Bourla said it’s possible people will need to get vaccinated against the coronavirus annually.

From the very beginning of this crisis, I have been warning my readers that any immunity would be very temporary.  Natural COVID immunity is very temporary, and immunity conferred by the vaccines is very temporary too.

The CEO of Pfizer is comparing the COVID vaccines to flu shots.  Every year millions of Americans rush out to get their flu shots, and the CEO of Pfizer is admitting that it looks like the COVID vaccines will be on a similar schedule

“There are vaccines that’s like polio that one dose is enough, there are vaccines like pneumococcal vaccine that one dose is enough for adults and there are vaccines like flu that you need every year,” Bourla said. “The Covid virus looks more like the influenza virus than the polio virus.”

If people are going to need a new shot every year, that means that COVID will be with us for a very long time to come.

This is essentially an admission that the COVID pandemic will not be ending any time soon.

Needless to say, Pfizer stands to make giant mountains of money if COVID vaccines become a yearly thing, and we need to keep that in mind.

A lot of people that I know are going to be extremely upset when they finally realize that the two shots that they got only provide temporary immunity.

And of course lots of people are still getting sick after being fully vaccinated.  According to the CDC, so far there have been almost 6,000 documented cases of people being infected after getting two shots, and dozens of them have died

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