Oh, Another SHINING Example Of BS!


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Ah, the worm turns.

So as we all know Duante Wright was shot “accidentally” by a police officer.

It was not an accidental shooting, it was a negligent discharge of said firearm by the admission of the officer herself.

She has stated she intended to pull a taser and instead pulled her handgun.  That’s negligence — period.  It appears she’s been charged with manslaughter which would be facially appropriate given her admission she did not intend to pull a firearm.

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We could have a discussion about why you’re asking for it when women are allowed to be patrol officers but heh, we can’t have that debate in a “cancel culture” society, even though this is based on metabolic facts and differences between the sexes in their response to seriously-stressful situations — that 1 in 1,000 women are the exception doesn’t change that, by the way.  But nooooooo!  Diiiiiieeeeeversity is more important than competence.

Oh, and speaking of which, that’s why this guy was on the street.  Intentional, direct incompetence across hundreds of people.

That’s right, just like the jackass who shot a Marshal in Tampa a number of years ago and which I reported on, the actual chain of failure here may have ended with an officer who should have never been in such a job simply because suitability is just not there through no fault of her own, but it began with the so-called “justice system” in the first place and thus primary liability lies there.

Duante, you see, appears on the public record to be a common Dindonuttin.  He had an open charge from over a year prior in which it is alleged he produced a handgun and attempted to rob a woman of $820, choking her in the process.  The robbery attempt failed, he was arrested, and was bonded out awaiting trial on that charge.

That’s all in order and reasonable up to that point, except after bonding out he was arrested again in July for possession of a handgun, which is problematic because being under 21 he could not have legally purchased it (so where did he get it?), having a pending felony charge even if he was 21 he couldn’t have legally purchased it either and in addition it was a violation of his terms of release.

The bond was revoked but he was not re-arrested and thrown in jail as a result of the revoked bond nor was he tossed in jail on the new firearms possession charge.

Nearly a year passes without the cops doing their damned job and tossing him back in the clink to await trial on the original charge nor on the now second set of charges.

It is in this environment where he is driving a vehicle with an expired plate, gets pulled over, and ultimately is shot after resisting arrest while the officer tries to handcuff him.

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