Infowars Reporter Sam Montoya Raided By The Feds And Arrested For Covering Jan 6th Capitol Storming


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Infowars reporter Samuel Christopher Montoya, who captured shocking footage of Capitol police executing Air Force vet Ashli Babbitt, was dramatically raided by the feds on Tuesday and indicted for entering the Capitol on Jan 6 without “Congressional press credentials.”

The feds’ indictment shows Montoya is being “charged with essentially being loud at the US Capitol on Jan. 6,” Infowars said.

“Thirty plus FBI agents and federal marshals showed up and knocked down his door with a battering ram,” Alex Jones reported.



Even HuffPost journo Ryan Reilly questioned the notion that every journalist who covered the event was somehow obligated to have a Congressional press pass.

At no point in the indictment is Montoya accused of attacking police or committing any acts of violence.

The main evidence against him is that he allegedly made a few comments over a 44 minute video criticizing the government.

Judging by the feds’ out-of-context transcriptions, it appears he wasn’t even in the Capitol building until the 12:55 mark and he was making statements encouraging everyone to be orderly and civil.

“We don’t hurt innocent people; we don’t tear down statues!” Montoya said. “We don’t tear down statues! We take our house back! We take the people’s house back!”

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