EXCLUSIVE: New Documents Released in Seth Rich Case Lead to More Questions Like “Who Took Seth Rich’s Personal Laptop Home with Them After the Murder?”


by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

On Friday the attorneys requesting information on Seth Rich received more information on the murder of former DNC employee Seth Rich. This comes after years of requests from attorneys and delays from the FBI and other connected US bodies.

For years the FBI claimed they had no information on Seth Rich, but then in December 2020 the FBI admitted they had documents and his laptop:

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In January, the FBI said it never looked at Seth Rich’s laptop.  Why would they not look at it?  Is this something we can believe after years of delays by the FBI?

On Friday more documents were dropped regarding Seth Rich – see the entire batch drop in this post below:

We reviewed yesterday’s release and have a few observations.  One observation is that the FBI simply does not want to release any information in this case.  Pages and pages turned over were fully redacted:

You can’t get much from a document that’s fully redacted.  What also is noticeable is that the FBI didn’t redact numerous documents related to Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Jerome Corsi.  It was as if the FBI wanted to embarrass these gentlemen or keep alive their bogus indictments of Stone and Manafort, the same individuals pardoned by President Trump.  These documents don’t provide much because there never was much there.

But we did locate two documents in the batch released that were interesting.  On pages 65 and 66 the FBI notes an interview of someone who was there the night Seth Rich was killed.

First on page 65, there is mention of Seth Rich and that there was some sort of investigation of Rich because an AUSA (Assistant US Attorney) reviewed his financials, and discussed his work history, and talked to some individuals who knew him.   They noted that he may have been looking for another job and there was nothing unusual about his financials.  Then at the bottom of the page, they discuss an individual who was near Rich the night he was shot.  This individual was close enough to the murder scene that he heard gunshots.  At the time the witness thought he heard fireworks.

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