Denmark Introduces “Coronapass” To Enter Certain Buildings & Businesses


by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:On Tuesday, Denmark began requiring people to use a new COVID certificate to enter certain businesses or face fines, one of the first European countries to do so.
  • Reflect On:Why is there such a large group of people, who see issue with governmental measures, taking action to stop them? Does it show we don’t agree on our collective approach? Does it show we don’t agree on the threat level of COVID-19?


What Happened: Denmark recently began requiring people to obtain a “CoronaPass.” It’s one of the first countries in Europe to do so. This pass certifies whether or not someone has been fully vaccinated. It also certifies whether someone has tested negative in the previous 72 hours, or has tested positive between two to twelve weeks prior to that, which would suggest that they’ve gained immunity to the virus from previous infection.

Either vaccine or antibody proof now seems to be a required prerequisite to enter into certain buildings and businesses in Denmark. If someone is not fully vaccinated, their negative tests are only valid for a short period of time. People will be required to get tested every single week or multiple times a week to obtain a pass if they are not vaccinated.

The businesses that require a pass are ‘non-essential’ businesses like hairdressers, beauty salons, driving schools, restaurants, museums, theaters, and movie cinemas.

The pass is available in digital form via a smartphone app, but it will also be available in paper format as well. Apparently, the pass is just a temporary measure, but how many temporary measures, which some consider to be “authoritarian” will remain temporary?

According to Danish authorities, the pass will be required until the entire population has been offered a vaccination, but my question is, what if there is a large minority, or even a majority, that refuses to take the vaccine? I guess we will have to wait and see how this all plays out.

It’s no secret that vaccine hesitancy is at an all time high. Iv’e covered what might be the top four reasons many scientists, doctors and journalists are refusing to take the vaccine, as there are legitimate evidence based concerns and it appears the mainstream still fails to have open and complete conversations about this topic. Instead of addressing concerns they are commonly labelled as “anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.”

If businesses do not comply with the pass or fail to verify whether or not patrons are carrying one, they risk a fine of at least 400 euros and up to 6,000 euros for repeated offences.  Individuals who try to slip by without the pass risk a fine of about 330 euros. How authorities are going to enforce these rules remains to be seen.

Yahoo News points out:

The programme has stoked controversy however, as some Danes feel it will divide society. The anti-restriction movement “Men In Black” has organised a protest next Saturday in Copenhagen against it. Some shopkeepers also feel the screening requirement is a needless burden.

“It is an unreasonable responsibility to impose on a small business. It would have been much better if, for example, the police made inspection visits, like train ticket inspectors,” Jakob Brandt, head of a federation of small- and medium-sized businesses, told the Politiken newspaper.

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