Civil Unrest Continues In Minneapolis: Mass Detainments, Unlawful Assembly Declared


by Jorge Ventura, The Daily Caller:

Civil unrest continued for the third straight night Tuesday outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department after the death of Daunte Wright. Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter resigned Tuesday alongside Police Chief Tim Gannon. National Guard reinforced the Brooklyn Center police department and Minnesota State Police as demonstrators slammed into the fence surrounding the police station.


An unlawful assembly was declared hours before the original 10:00 p.m. curfew. Cell phones in the area were hit with an alert that stated “INSERT CELL MESSAGE HERE.” Police officers used crowd control munitions to disperse the demonstrators, including tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash bangs. One individual was hit in the face by a non-lethal round that caused bleeding.

Around 11:00 p.m., the national guard and Minnesota State troopers successfully pushed the demonstrators away from the Brooklyn Center Police Department by deploying several rounds of tear gas onto the crowd. Some in the crowd threw objects at the police officers and set off fireworks throughout the night. (RELATED: Officer Who Shot Daunte Wright, Police Chief Resign From Force)

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