America’s Economic & Societal Collapse Accelerates: Time To Lay Low, Stay Off The Radar?


from Silver Doctors:

There’s only bad news, but since nobody cares, much less will anybody do their part to end this madness and this evil corruption, then perhaps it’s time to…

(by Half Dollar) Perhaps it’s time for Patriots to keep a low profile, be quiet, and just let Americans finish destroying each other?

There is no hope in fixing what’s broken.

There is no fixing what’s broken.


There is no fix.

There is only rebuilding, and that’s only if America survives, and to be honest, I’m not really all that sure at this point.

Something smells rotten, and, of course, as usual, I’m not allowed to describe the smell.

Regardless, my son’s junior high school had an “active shooter” drill at school yesterday.

Weird, huh?

Of course, since we’re in the midst of the lab-grown, globally dispersed zombie apocalypse, rest assured the students were all properly muzzled, and instead of huddling together in some dark corner of the classroom with the door locked, the students simulated the active shooter drill at their desks, which means it was a simulation within a simulation, but hey, at least by staying seated at their desks, they remained properly socially-distanced at all times all the while pretending as if they were huddling together while an active shooter went on a rampage.


In other words, my son was describing a crappy simulation of a simulation of one way in which an active shooter event may, or may not, unfold.

I mean, you can’t make this stuff up!

And then I woke up this morning and turned on the news.


Something smells.


Between stuff we can’t even talk about, to stuff developing so fast that other stuff is surely to be rammed down our throats before we even have time to know what kind of other stuff is happening, the collapse of America is accelerating.

It’s not just an economic collapse, either, but it’s also a societal collapse, and in so many ways, and then some, the Great American Crack-Up Boom has begun, and the madness will only get worse.

Much worse.




Good thing we’ve got ourselves a super-duper stock market and oh so spectacular “crypto” “currency”!


The Dow surged through 34,000 and hit another daily all-time record high today:

That’s funny, in a, you know, sick and twisted kind of way.

And it’s pathetic, in a, you know, BOHICA kind of way.

But gamblers “traders”, “investors”, and “market” “participants” just can’t stop feeding the Beast, and, in fact, they absolutely love feeding the Beast, even if they think they are “sticking it to da man” or “winning”, for now:

That’s funny, in a, you know, last laugh kind of way.

And it’s pathetic, in a, you know, enabling kind of way.

Yield on the 10-Year Note has been plunging:

That’s pathetic, in a, you know, screw American savers kind of way.

And it’s funny, in a, you know, just try cashing in a bond kind of way.

The dollar’s falling:

That’s funny, in a, you know, queue the Chart Hugger’s head-n-shoulders kind of way.

And it’s pathetic, in a, you know, we allow an Unconstitutional US dollar kind of way.

Crude Oil has bounced off of $60:

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