ALERT! Cartel Using Dirty Old Trick To SMASH GOLD, And Silver’s Death Cross Is Near!


from Silver Doctors:

The Cartel is struggling, and the Deep State Globalists are backed into a corner, so they dusted off one of their old playbooks…

(by Half Dollar) A lot of people are aware of a certain anniversary coming up on May 1, 2021: The 10th Anniversary of the Mayday Massacre.

For those who are unaware, on Sunday evening, May 1, ten years ago, the Cartel hit silver for over six bucks in a matter of minutes, and that brute force attack, in conjunction with other actions taken, succeeded in crushing silver’s near breach of all-time record highs.


Of course, there is another day that lives on in recent gold & silver price suppression infamy, and that day is Election Day, 2016, but it doesn’t live on in infamy for the reason that one might think.

You see, while everybody around the world was distracted with the Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing versus the Demon in an Old Hag’s Body Trump versus Hillary “election”, there was another piece of news that was just as important, if not more, and conveniently out of the spotlight:

India’s Prime Minister Modi made a shocking announcement demonetizing the “larger” 500 and 1000 rupee banknotes, and that announcement instantly sent the entire Indian economy and society into chaotic turmoil, to put it lightly.

The narrative pumped through MSM propagandists was that the Indian government was fighting corruption in the economy, but that wasn’t the real reason behind the move to ban the two most common pieces of circulating cash currency in the world’s second most populous country.

See if you can spot the real reason for Modi’s announcement:

The real reason behind Modi’s move to ban the rupee banknotes is the fact that gold was surging by about $100 on election night, much like gold had surged by a hundred dollars on Brexit vote night just a few months earlier, in June of 2016, and the Cartel was in serious trouble back then, not unlike this year.

That is to say, there were persistent stresses in the real world physical investment markets, much like there is stress today, and there was a ton of excitement around gold & silver after they finally bottomed at the end of 2015, much like there is a ton of excitement as we near the end of this painful “correction” today.

Suffice it to say, gold was down over $200 In a matter of weeks:

And instead of “to da moon”, it was “BOHICA”.

Here’s the point: As we near the end of April, 2021, the Cartel needs to act, and they need to act right now, or the Cartel runs the very real risk of the most epic supply chain disruption of epic supply chain disruptions, disruptions that would implode the entire financial universe.


Of course, the implosion of our corrupted, bastardized financial universe is exactly what needs to happen, and more, because gold & silver aren’t really a choice, and certainly not a choice if you are an American.

But I digress.

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