A new anti-Christian state church has been forced upon us: Pro-family author


by John-Henry Western, LifeSite News:

Austin Ruse’s new book argues that despite the world being ‘far darker than anybody really knows,’ Christians are blessed to live in this time.

April 16, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Austin Ruse has a new book out. It’s called Under Siege: No Finer Time to Be a Faithful Catholic. It’s an excellent overview of just how much the world is engulfed in sin and darkness. It’s also an optimistic book that argues Catholics are blessed to be alive in this period of history.

“There’s not a lot you need to do to make the world a better place these days because we are awash in problems,” Austin told me on my show today. “We live in a target-rich environment for doing good.”

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For those who don’t know, Austin Ruse is the president of the Center for Family and Human Rights at the United Nations.

Despite having what he calls “theological hope,” he did warn that “a new state Church” is rising in America and Canada, and that it’s been able to position itself as an established religion.

“All these things are a new religion,” he said, referring to the widespread acceptance of abortion, transgenderism, and secularism.

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