White Men: The Kulaks of the 21st Century


by Gen ZConservative, The Burning Platform:

The Left is Turning White Men into Modern Day Kulaks

As Stalin solidified his hold on the Soviet Union and began his industrialization policies, one of the first groups he targeted was the “kulak” class of peasants. Before his regime, that term was used only sparingly and toward the end of the Russian Empire and was meant to describe peasants with over 8 acres of land. In other words, it wasn’t a real distinction. There were peasants and slightly more prosperous peasants, but they weren’t anymore a class than the manager of a gas station is of a different social class than his employees.

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But to Stalin and his cronies, as with most socialists, the facts were no reason to throw away a possible path to more power. He transformed what “kulak” meant, turning the term from a sparsely used one denoting slightly more material wealth than was typical of a peasant to “a vague reference to property ownership among peasants who were considered “hesitant” allies of the revolution.”

That change let Stalin embark on some of his greatest horrors. Before the term was changed, the peasants were united as a group. They suffered together, lived together, and helped each other. After Stalin’s war on the kulaks began, the Russian people broke. Neighbor accused neighbor, friend accused friend, even family members accused each other of being the most evil of all things: a kulak.

Because it was a vague term with a shifting meaning, it could be applied to anyone. At first, it was the wealthiest of the peasants. They were liquidated, so then the term was used for peasants slightly above average. They were murdered, starved, or sent to the gulags, so, in the end, the term “kulak” could simply mean some miserable, starving skeleton of a man that had managed to find a scrap of bread during the Holodomor. They too were murdered by the state.

Why did Stalin do that? Because prosperous peasants were a threat to his regime. Socialism is premised on the idea that man can’t better himself without the joint efforts of the collective, so it was a chink in the ideology of the state for there to be peasants that owned more than their neighbors. So, he turned that weakness into a strength by turning the peasants against each other.

They bickered and tossed accusations back and forth, steadily eroding their position as the best among them were shipped to Siberia, starved to death when their grain was confiscated for Stalin to sell abroad, or executed by the Cheka. The Soviet state became omnipresent and omnipotent because the peasants fought each other rather than unite against the tyrannical state that was hoisting heavier and heavier burdens upon them.

And it worked. By reworking a term to mean whatever he and his blood-covered agents wanted it to mean, Stalin solidified his position and ensured that any peasant that might revolt was dead or locked up in the gulag archipelago.

But such tactics aren’t confined to the past. The left continues to redefine terms in an Orwellian manner to make achieving their desired ends easier. They call fat people beautiful in order to destroy the concept of beauty. They redefined racism to mean some vague concept relating to power and race. They’ve redefined violence to mean speech with which they disagree, but not actual violence.

Most importantly, however, is their reworking of the term “white men” to mean “Satan himself.” And, lest you think it’s as simple as actually being about actual white men, remember that the left is confused about everything, which is why they’ve said non-whites can still be white supremacists. Or, as Nikole Hannah Jones has said, white supremacy can still be the root of an evil action even if the perpetrator isn’t white. As with Stalin’s use of “kulak,” it’s intentionally vague so that it can be a charge used against anyone with whom they disagree.

But, generally, it’s an attack against white men for being white men and the leftists and their friends in the media generally sticks to it, as the People’s Cube put it in this hilarious picture:

No group today is hated more than white men. They’re attacked and blamed every time something bad happens, kept out of jobs (especially in academia) for the crime of being a white male, and generally targeted by the left for every supposed slight or crime imaginable, no matter how ridiculous the accusation is. Leftists are doing that, turning white men into the new kulaks, because they hate both Western civilization and masculinity and view both of those concepts as threats to their regime that must be neutralized.

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