by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Humanity is being murdered, massacred, ie genocided!

The following is a small list of recent discoveries about the world humanity is being forced into by the globalists. They know they are headed to eternal hell and they are pre-creating hell on earth for the rest of us. They represent the alternative bloodline that manifested on earth through the “fallen angels” as one can read about in Genesis 6 of the Bible. After reading Genesis 6 and then proceeding to other references on the same topic, most notably, Steve Quayle, one has to wonder why this is not common knowledge. Everything that is being done to humanity, God-created, not Satan-manifested reality is readily demonstratable. Yet, humanity remains seemingly oblivious to the reality of the situation.

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Presently the world is mired in dealing with catastrophic event and fake tragedies (ie climate change). They serve to distract people from the real challenges faced by the true human race as created by God. The following paragraphs speaks to only a few of the calamities forced upon mankind by the alternative humans, ie the transhumanists.

Labeling Sets the Stage for Abject Perversion

For centuries, the alternatives lives in relative obscurity wreaking their havoc on the planet through creating mass murder events throughout history. These Satanists have an unsatiable blood lust. However, death is not the only end goal that they aspire to. They seek to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible. The Bible promises that in the End Days, the sins of the leaders and the nature of the spiritual warfare that we have been thrust into will be revealed. We are clearly living these times. At the core our conflicts are much less about the physical realm and much more about destroying God’s creation.

Have you noticed how every lifestyle, no matter how bizarre, is honored if it does not end in procreation? Have you also noticed that the Satanists even deny that all babies are born male or female? God is a hermaphrodite as they say. I am certain that is not Biblical, but nobody said the Devil would ever admit the truth.

When one watches the TV sitcoms from the 50’s and the 60’s, the goals of society were clear. Work hard, get educated or trained, be successful, get married raise children, go to church and be kind to one another. We have flipped this conservative card on its face and the goal is to unleash as much perversion as possible, even to the point of denying the two genders that God created.

When I started working in media, the Satanically-inspired globalists used to hide their perversions and devilish associations. Today, they are full display and their advocates are demanding complete compliance with belief and practice. Their edicts are enforced by censorship and intimidation

I read that there were 97 genders and that if I did not believe this, I was intolerant. No I have read that the number of genders surpasses our ability to count.

We see this extreme perversion of God’s intended creation with the Biden administration’s approach to transgender males/females participating in their own non-birth athletic competition. How is fair for the male, who superficially turns female, to compete in female sports. The genes don’t change and neither do the hormones that promote athletic competition. Once a male, always a male. Women object to this unwarranted entry into their sports, but the Biden administration is making this issue clarion call for their intent to attack all of the fundamental precepts of society beginning and ending with God’s creation.

Reproductivity Is Under Attack and We Are Still Silent

American scientists have been discussing for decades the continuing declining sperm count in America. There is a medical consensus that sperm counts have declined by over 50%. The causes are most often placed on chemicals, toxins and GMO’s in our collective diets. However, there is another factor at work. It is called abortion. I call it infanticide.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been 156,000+ performed abortions. Before you have completed this article over 300 more babies will have been murdered, about a quarter of them after 16 weeks of gestation. At the rate that abortion is expanding, abortions (ie baby genocide) will outstrip births as the the increase in trend curves is undeniable. Add in wars and governmental genocides, we will soon have true depopulation. Add in the emerging genocides that are stirring cross the planet, we will have a depopulation crisis of epic proportions.

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