The CCP Is Murdering Witnesses for Exposing CHICOM Bribes to Steal the Presidential Election in Georgia and Arizona


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The problem with most Americans is that they don’t know who the difference between friend and foe. America’s best friends, today, are the very people being marginalized by the “woke culture” Left. These people support the rule of law. They want orderly immigration that will not purposely imperil innocent American citizens. They want energy independence so they can drive to work. They want honest elections which is the foundation of our Republic form of government. They want their leaders to put Americans first, not last. These Americans, who are friends of freedom-loving Americans want treasonous leaders, such as the leaders of the Democratic Party, the Georgia and Arizona Governors, and key members of the American establishment and their mouthpieces to be imprisoned for their treason against the Republic. Instead of honoring the Americans who support America’s longevity, they are labeled as domestic terrorists.


Anyone who calls our election fraud is a domestic terrorist. Anyone who opposes the bigoted stimulus bill that only allows non-whites to apply for federal farming loans is a domestic terrorist. Any American who calls out the genocidal characteristics of the Communist Chinese Party is a domestic terrorist. Has anyone stopped to consider the insane practice of deplatforming Americans who identify the CHICOMS who want to commit genocide against Americans and then confiscate their resources? The CSS previously covered this issue and current CCP Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, called for genocide against America and the seizing of all American assets. Along these lines, please allow me to identify previously established fact printed here on the CSS.

  1. Fauci worked with the Wuhan lab on viruses. What a coincidence.
  2. China’s official policy toward America, spanning the tenure of their last three defense ministers is to commit genocide against all Americans.
  3. Diane Frankenstein Feinstein and her husbands associations with the CCP to the detriment of American citizens. Feinstein enters the Senate as a millionaire and will leave as a billionaire. Don’t forget that Feinstein’s private driver of 20 years was discovered to be a long-term spy for the CCP.
  4. Nancy Pelosi and Beto O’Rourke’s criminal association with ex-Mexican President Nieto, who took a $100 million bribe from convicted drug dealer, Chappo Guzman. O’Rourke favors the complete legalization of drugs. Pelosi refuses to vet illegal aliens for suitability. We can only conclude that the Speaker is a criminal participate with the Cartels.
  5. While serving as Alameda County DA and the State Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris repeatedly blocked prosecution of child-sex traffickers which were closely aligned with the CHCOM-various Mexican cartel associates.
  6. Hunter Biden, in 2015, accompanied Air Force Two to Wuhan. Included on the flight was F-35 technology handed off the CCP and an unidentified virus. Don’t forget about the Fauci connection to Wuhan.
  7. Swalwell’s alleged CHICOM payoffs including the sexual services of a known Chinese spy.
  8. Present Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell’s wife, former Secretary of the Department of Trade, has parents who are the primary trade agents for CHICOM national ports. What could possibly go wrong?
  9. Obama allowed the Chinese and Russians to participate in the Grid Ex Drills from 2013-2015. Our enemies were show how to take a our grid down.
  10. The Obama administration provided weather modification technology to the CHICOMS. Since Texas would have been the frontline of defense against Biden administration tyranny which favors the  Communist China, one has to wonder about the amazingly bizarre weather events such as the recent ice storm.
  11. Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, openly promised the CCP to Arizona’s rare earth minerals that had clear military applications.
  12. Several key officials such as Georgia and Arizona governors whose policies are treasonous because of the deliberate financial entanglements with the CHICOMS.

In the interest of brevity, I am going to not list the other 17 items on my list. However, there is a new development involving the Georgia governor involving his CCP involvement. My sources are saying that what follows is known, established truth and represents the Communist Chinese takeover of our country in which Donald J. Trump had an election stolen from him and the CCP-friendly Joe Biden, compromised by sexcapades and bribes came to power.

Please consider what we already know and what was previously printed about the Georgia Governor.

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