Our Collapsing Culture: How ‘The Church of Woke’ Upends Language and Ends Debate


by Stacey Lennox, PJ Media:

The Church of Woke™ and its catechism are slowly and surely deconstructing American culture and institutions. To stifle dissent and excommunicate non-believers, they have several tools in their arsenal. To engineer the deconstruction, Wokeists have created phrases that upend the meanings of words to prevent thoughtful discussion and end ideological debate. This twisted language serves to increase division and polarization based on group identity.

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For example, when LeBron James tweets that blacks are “literally hunted” when they step out of their homes, Wokeists will defend that as something called “his truth.” On the intersectional pyramid, you are never allowed to question a person speaking their truth if they are a member of an ostensibly oppressed group as long as they discuss issues related to that group’s identity. Even a multi-millionaire basketball player whose hyperbolic overstatement is remarkable should not be questioned.

Of course, this only works if you are speaking in support of the Wokeist worldview. The Church of Woke™ does not consider individual differences because they believe only group identity matters. An Asian male telling their truth about being passed over for admission to Harvard because of his race would likely be canceled, despite objective proof showing that could well be the case. Because Asian-Americans are quite successful in the traditional American meritocracy, their ethnic minority status does not reconcile with the Wokeist view of an oppressed minority. They will only be considered if it serves the Wokeist agenda.

Another example is former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. To justify her electoral loss, she has had a national platform to accuse Republicans in the state of actively engaging in suppressing minority votes for several years. This assertion is her “lived experience” and is never questioned by the corporate media or Democrats. It has also brought tens of millions into her not-for-profit organizations. She has never provided any proof or data to support her position, and there is plenty of data to disprove her claims.

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