Majority of Brits Say They Will “Miss” Some or Many Aspects of Lockdown


    by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

    Stockholm syndrome?

    A new opinion poll in the UK finds that over half of Brits say they will miss either “some” or “many” aspects of lockdown despite the country now having been under some form of restrictions for nearly a year.

    Yes, really.

    The YouGov survey asked participants, “Do you think you will or will not miss any aspects of lockdown when it is over?”

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    9 per cent of respondents said they would miss “many” aspects of lockdown while 46 per cent said they would miss “some” aspects of lockdown – a combined total of 55 per cent.

    Just 39 per cent of respondents said they won’t miss any aspects of lockdown.

    Previous polls have routinely showed majority or plurality support for lockdown, with little concern for what innumerable observers have called the biggest imposition on civil liberties in British history.

    One aspect that many will “miss” about lockdown is undoubtedly getting paid for doing nothing.

    Under the government’s furlough scheme, those who can’t work from home have had 80 per cent of their wages covered by the state for almost a year, with that program to be extended until September despite the government saying all restrictions will be lifted by the end of June.

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