Go Long Harpoons, Waders And Bug Spray: America Is Turning Into One Great Big Giant Swamp


    from Silver Doctors:

    Only the brainwashed are not disappointed in what we’re allowing America to become…

    (by Half Dollar) My apologies in advance, for I’ve nothing nice to say.

    They say the bottom’s in for silver:

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    Didn’t you know that everybody’s an expert now?

    They also say the bottom’s in for gold:

    Just ignore the pesky little fact that everybody’s been calling the bottom in gold, every single day, for weeks.

    Gold’s going to catch up to silver:

    All the experts say that too.

    Palladium continues to mark time:

    It should be noted that palladium is down about a hundred bucks, year-to-date.

    They’re having a hard time keeping platinum down:

    Isn’t it amazing that absolutely everything is skyrocketing in price, except for precious metal?

    Copper’s maintaining above four bucks:

    I imagine stealing copper pipes from commercial and residential real estate is about to become fashionable again.

    Crude’s maintaining above sixty bucks:

    I imagine “fuel surcharges” are about to become fashionable again.

    Imagine what they’ll do with the stock market after the next major false flag or false flag hoax:

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