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Are the various Covid vaccines a genocidal bioweapon, covert tool of transhumanism, debilitating gene-altering drug, or all 3?

No one has ever seen before the blatant medical gaslighting of the whole human race.

The unparalleled superlatives not only never cease where it concerns the CORONAhoax, they get even more extreme by the week.


Let’s be clear: The Powers That Be (TPTB) desperately overreached in their utter desperation to deceitfully drug the entire global population with the Covid ‘vaccines’.  About this stark reality there is no doubt.

The unprecedented reports of vaccine injuries and deaths, in the wake of so many vaccination campaigns around the world, proves that the drive to jab every person on Earth was a preplanned criminal conspiracy hatched at the highest levels of the World Shadow Government.

COVID-19 VACCINE: A Slow-Motion Genocidal Bioweapon…

The meticulously choreographed and expeditious roll-out of so many different variations of the Covid vaccines injections worldwide only confirms that this psyop was an orchestrated black operation to poison and kill, injure and sicken humanity.

Why, really?

But to perpetrate such a brazen naked aggression against humankind — IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, NO LESS — undoubtedly reveals that there is a much more hidden agenda behind OPERATION COVID-19.

In other words, this obvious Plandemic is not even about implementing the highly nefarious scheme explained in the following exposé.

FUNVAX: Globalist Plot to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine
Exposes Shocking Satanic Conspiracy

Yes, the New World Order globalist cabal does have great urgency to subjugate the global population with annual FunVax injections, but even that, quite astonishingly, is not the real end goal.

Then what is it?

The power elite knows that something very ominous and exceedingly time-sensitive IS ON THE [EVENT] HORIZON.  Otherwise, they would never have deployed the COVID-19 bioweapon across the planet with such a cavalier attitude and tranparent biowar approach.

Clearly, there are countless vectors of dissemination of the fastidiously bioengineered coronavirus deceptively known as SARS-CoV-2.  There are also numerous methods of propagation being employed in secret bioweapon laboratories dotting the globe.  In this way, the Covid bioweapon has been launch via several means of proliferation, and yet very few are aware of this ongoing series of civilization-destroying bioterrorism.

What’s essential to understand for every healthcare professional is that the deliberately mislabeled SARS-CoV-2 is not even a coronavirus.  There may well be a coronavirus built into the bioweapon, but COVID-19 really produces a multi-infection syndrome that manifests differently in each infected individual. See: COVID-19 Is NOT A Coronavirus! The Best Treatment Plans Prove It.

In fact, COVID-19 has all the characteristics of a weaponized parasite which is why Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are so effective.  Both have been medically prescribed for decades as highly effective anti-parasitical treatments, which is why HCQ is universally used to treat malaria, a disease caused by 5 different parasites in humans.

Everything points to a COVID-19 parasite similar to those that cause malaria.

Medical researchers and health investigators ought to be aware of the FACT that the Covid bioweapon released in Wuhan is substantially different than those Covid variants launched in Milan and Tehran.  Likewise, the New York City and Seattle coronavirus cluster explosions were triggered by an even different variation of the stealthily misbranded SARS-CoV-2.  The same goes for the Mexico City and Guayaquil outbreaks; each was qualitatively different in terms of the types and severity of Covid symptoms.

KEY POINTS: Everything points to COVID-19 being a full-blown multi-infection syndrome caused by various pathogenic organisms depending on how the variant was bioengineered and weaponized.  Similar to Lyme Disease, Covid expresses differently in everyone and is especially severe in those patients who are immunocompromised, afflicted with respiratory ailments and/or experiencing certain advanced disease processes.  Most Covid bioweapons likely contain a pernicious parasite, a viral component and a opportunistic bacterium.  There is also evidence of a fungal constituent in some COVID-19 bioweapons.

To make matters even much more complicated, each Covid variant is quite painstakingly bioengineered to mutate at different rates and in different ways in different bloodlines.  In this way, the fabricated Coronavirus Pandemic will continue in one form or another ad infinitum.  Even though herd immunity has already been attained throughout the world, the never-ending Covid mutations allow the Coviteers to forever demand a global mandatory vaccine regime enforced via immunity certificates, immunity passports and forced injectable microchips.


The massively growing body of evidence now proves that this highly coordinated international criminal conspiracy to commit genocide was conducted, first, to murder as many elderly patients as possible worldwide.  Also known as geriatric genocide, this malevolent plot was carried out by Governor Andrew Cuomo with Nazi-like precision.  Which is why he is being taken out via so many sexual misconduct allegations before his geriatric genocide crime wave is fully exposed and the many other guilty Democrat governors are likewise accused and removed from office, as they should be.  As follows:

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