Eurovision Song “El Diablo” Sparks Protests for its Satanic Message


from Vigilant Citizen:

Cyprus’ entry to Eurovision 2021 titled “El Diablo” sparked outrage and protests due to its satanic message. Here’s a look at the controversy.

Eurovision is an international song contest with massive appeal and influence. It has been a TV staple for decades, it includes over 50 countries and it is watched by hundreds of millions of viewers every year. Considering these facts, you better believe that the elite will use this unmissable platform to push its agenda.


In my article about the 2019 Eurovision finale, I highlighted the blatant symbolism on display during the show which culminated with a disturbing ritualistic performance by Madonna.


A screenshot of Madonna’s performance at Eurovision 2019 featuring masked dancers being “killed” by Madonna’s breath of death combined with the Statue of Liberty breaking down. Some say that this performance predicted the coming of COVID-19.

Eurovision was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic but it is right back at it this year.

In November 2020, the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) announced Greek singer Elena Tsagrinou as the Cypriot representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song El Diablo. Prior to her selection, Tsagrinou called Eurovision an institution that she’d been following for many years. She added that if the right song was found, it would be her pleasure and honor to compete.

Apparently, the “right song was found” … and it is about the singer “giving her heart” to the devil.

On February 28th 2021, the song was released and it was not well received. The Orthodox Church stated that the song had a satanic message and Cypriots took to the streets to protest it.

On the other hand, Cyprus’ state broadcaster about falling in love with a “bad boy”. The singer even added that it is about abusive relationships and #metoo. Here’s a look at the song.

Dancing With the Devil

A promo image for El Diablo. Pretty infernal.

This song does not require in-depth analysis. It’s an ultra-generic pop song that actually sounds like Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Coincidentally enough, Bad Romance is also about a “toxic relationship” with satanic undertones.

The song was written by industry veterans (Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, Laurell Barker, Oxa, and Thomas Stengaard). Here are the lyrics.


I fell in love, I fell in lovе
I gave my heart to el diablo, еl diablo
I gave it up, I gave it up
Because he tells me I’m his angel, I’m his angel

Those are the two verses:

Tonight we gonna burn in a party
We wild as fire that’s on the loose
Hotter than siracha on our bodies
Ta-Taco tamale, yeah, that’s my mood
All this spicy melts my icy edges
Baby, it’s true
Tonight we gonna burn in a party
It’s Heaven in Hell with you

Tonight we gonna dance in the moonlight
Droppin’ our lashes on the floor
Hair flip-flip, made you look twice
Touch me, touch me, mi amor
All this spicy melts my icy edges
Baby, for sure
Tonight we gonna dance in the moonlight
And then we gonna do it some more

First of all, I don’t understand how an entire team of people was needed to write these lyrics. Second, is there anything in that song that remotely alludes to #meetoo or an abusive partner? The lyrics make it very clear that the singer is having super sexy fun with El Diablo and that her mood is “Ta-taco tamale”. I’m not quite sure what that means but I assume that it’s positive.

Also, the video does not contain any references to any kind of relationship neither. In fact, there’s nearly nothing worth analyzing in that video …  except for the worst product placement I’ve ever seen.

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